Britney Britney Britney !!!!

  1. Britney Spears flees... as Kevin Federline trashes their mansion?

    Pop babe Britney Spears is planning to stay at the Four Seasons indefinitely, after a bust up with failed rapper Kevin Federline.
    Britney Spears was reportedly forced to take her two young sons and flee for safety after her husband Kevin Federline went on a crazy rampage reports NW Magazine..

    Kevin Federline began tearing up the furniture and punching walls with his fists. Fearing that she would be next, the singer grabbed her sons Sean Preston, one, and two-month-old Jayden James, and bolted to the Four Seasons Hotel for safety writes NW Magazine

    Kevin has always been hot-headed and he likes to bang things around," notes an insider. "Britney learnt to deal with him kicking the walls now and then.
    "But lately, that sort of behavior has escalated to frightening new levels - and recently it hit crisis point."

    Pals say things have been strangely calm between the warring couple lately - because they are never in the same city together. Brit, 24, and Kev, 28, have been leading separate lives since Jayden's birth in mid-September, with Britney staying home to raise her sons while Kevin crisscrosses the US to promote his debut rap CD.

    Sources say Kevin Federline became angry after Britney made a crack about his recent appearance on the wrestling show WWE, where the crowd booed him as he made his way to the ring.
    "Britney's laughing set Kevin off and he went wild," a pal reveals. "It was like he had weeks of pent up hostility in him, and all it took was one little comment to light the powder keg.

    "He started screaming at her, smashing things and hitting the walls. Britney's seen him crazy, but she's never seen him like this and she's never been so fearful for her physical safety." While the couple's marital woes are an ongoing source of tension, insiders say Kev is irate that his rap career is tanking while buzz about Britney's pop comeback continues to build.
    "He's gotten violent [before] and it's getting worse with each temper tantrum," notes a concerned pal. "He hasn't hit Britney or the kids, but after seeing the rage he's carrying around it could happen next."

    In other news, Kevin Federline says promoting his new CD has put him "a couple of hundred grand in debt." But K-Fed's cry didn't sit well with Egypt and Ashy, who interviewed him on their Power 105.1 show reports PageSix. "You didn't struggle," Ashy taunted the rapper. "You got like 10 carats in your ear right now, son."
  2. AAH!!!!!!!! Do more than RUN!!!

    He's such a loser!
  3. I wonder why he was not arrested. What a nasty piece of white trash he is.
  4. As sad as it sounds (for the kids), I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL that these two will split sooner or later. I'm actually more surprised (and sad) that Reese & Ryan split up...
  5. seriously!! I heard that they might have to cancel his concert/performance due to the lack of fans haha.. serves him right!! thats right IRISHGAL you tell them, hes white trash!

  6. ohh im so upset about those 2!! perfect couple if you ask me..
  7. yes brit....RUN!

    he played a free show on halloween in hollywood and was booed off the stage after one song. He is such a waste..... too bad he breeds so consistently!
  8. I'm not her biggest fan, but crap, what a loser he is. I don't get it at all. She's so pretty and he's so ugh.
  9. i can't stand hot headed Kevo:mad:
  10. I hope she cleans up without him... he is a downer and not a good father figure if he is in fact bashing walls etc.
  11. What a loser! She should dump him like the piece of trash he is...
  12. guh hes nothing but trash.
  13. What on earth did she ever see in him?:confused1: If she loves her kids as much as she says, he needs to go. He's a sperm donor, not a father. I know she brought much of this on herself, but I actually feel sorry for her.
  14. *blech* She really SHOULD get rid of him, at least for the kids' safety. I'm not a fan of Brit but I don't think she deserves this.
  15. I couldn't have said it better.

    I always thought; no matter how infatuated I was with a guy, would you want to be with a man who was willing to leave his pregnant girlfriend for you?