Britney: Braless in Sweats while shopping in Las Vegas

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  1. I always see Britney with out a bra - its quite annoying... after all she isnt the most uglyist person on this earth - she is a Mum now and im sure other girls - STILL think she is cool etc.... Maybe a fan of hers should send her a bra.
  2. is it just me or does her arms look too short for her body? lol. prolly just the angle.
  3. I think she does this on purpose. I don't even go to buy milk at the 7-Eleven down the street looking like that.
  4. It's because her pants are so low that she has to shave to wear them, so it makes her torso look longer.
  5. She's going to have the saggiest boobs ever if she doesn't strat wearing a bra.

    Cristina I agree. I don't go to the conveinience store like that either.
  6. I won't even sit around in the house like that. I don't want to pick my boobs off the floor when I'm only 40.
  7. :biggrin: :lol:
  8. Whoa :biggrin: :nuts: Too funny.
  9. There have been some complaints about SAs not treating you differently if you aren't dressed to the nines. How do they treat you when your nipples are practically showing?

    I wonder if anyone recognized her in this getup - or they just assumed she was tourist trash.
  10. Iam sorry, but just because she is famous, she can not wear that. Give me a break. What was she thinking. I think she looks funny though. I think her being with Federline, has made her looks very bad.
  11. Wow, that Britney Spears is just class-y
  12. Her boobs look just like my 75-year-old grandma's!
  13. i think she has quite a lot of why is my wardrobe 100000 times better than hers???
  14. You must have self-respect. We sure as hell know Britney doesn't.