Britney being investigated for Child abuse!!!

  1. TMZ has learned Britney Spears is being investigated for possible child abuse.

    An unscheduled hearing was held today at L.A. County Superior Court. Present -- Britney's lawyer, Dennis Wasser, K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan and a lawyer from the Los Angeles County Counsel who is assigned to the dependency court.

    We do not know the specifics of the allegations but we're told the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is conducting an active investigation.

    A hearing in the custody case has been scheduled for September 4, which will be a follow up to today's appearance.

    A rep for Britney did not immediately return our request for comment.

    This is so sad...i really hope it's not true.
  2. Yeah, no kidding.
  3. What??
  4. That is crazy. She needs to straighten herself out.
  5. its probably more for child neglect I'll betcha.
  6. it could be anything really. . . all it takes is one person calling to be investigated. People call on people they're mad at sometimes even, they'll get to the bottom of it quickly.
    I hope it's not true.
  7. ok I am not standing by Britany, but seriously its hard to believe. It could be a moron that is causing this. Like swanky said many people could call just to see something happen. they have to investigate every call they get in. I will believe it when there is evidence, but for now I find it to be bull.
  8. I'm guessing its more of a neglect issue, not physically abusing them.
  9. Goodbye, any chance at restarting your career, Brit...
  10. You're right. Unfortunately the neglect would have to be SEVERE for authorities to do anything. :sad:
  11. If there were indications that the children were exposed to adults who were under the influence of alcohol, or a suggestion of someone so much as smoking a joint, that would really be all that was needed.

    Just a one-time party guest with a cell phone...
  12. No way. I don't beleive it.

    She's a mess but i don't think she would intentionally hurt her kids.

    Hope K Fed is not doing it to get money. karma will get him so good......
  13. Another domino knocked over.
  14. Neglect or exposure to inappropriate activities like Shimma suggested....sure, I can totally believe that. As for physical punishment/torture, all I can say is I REALLY hope that is not the case.
  15. Those poor kids.. I hope it's not true- if it is, it seems to be a lose-lose situation giving the custody to K-Fed.