Britney BARFS on her new BF!! Is this true??

  1. Here are the pics...
    BSpearsICohen011207_6.jpg BSpearsICohen011207_7.jpg BSpearsThrowUp0112_1.jpg BSpearsThrowUp0112_5.jpg
  2. she's off the map!
  3. ewwwwwww...
  4. damn that's just really gross, just when you've think you've seen everything from britney, LOL. now we see her vomit. poor dude.
  5. ewww....she just keeps making k-fed look like a better person. i feel really bad for that dude, that vomit looks super chunky and gross!
  6. Gross :throwup:
  7. sucking away on her wittle wowwypop, she looks like she really cares too, huh?:sarcasm:

  8. I actually feel sick !!! :s
  9. OMG, I think that's the funniest thing I've read all night! Sad but funny~
  10. I looked at it while eating! Couldn't eat anymore..
  11. Good Gawd, why won't someone put this woman in rehab and get her a therapist? All of these losers are going to suck her bank account dry, and all she'll be left with are a bunch of babies whose dads' greatest claim to fame will be their fifteen minutes with Britney.
  12. Oh gah. What is wrong with Britney?!
  13. Classy.
  14. ah. i can actually read sarcasm online.

    that's quite a feat you know! lol.