Britney Arriving @ The Millennium Dance Studios

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    Arriving at the Millennium Dance Studios
  2. [​IMG]
    What's up? Britney grimaces as she leaves a sushi restaurant in Bel Air

    A manic Britney on Saturday on one of two trips to Epitome Spa
  3. She's dropped some weight, still no dress sense, but at least she's getting her old body back!
  4. Shopping @ TARGET.

  5. awww I can't see the target pic!!
  6. Eeew.
  7. The only thing I find wrong is the disgusting stains she has on her bag in the first pic. Other than that I think she is on her way to becoming the old Britney again! yay!
  8. After those 'no underwear' incidents, that Target pic bothers me...
  9. She looks like a child in the target pic... almost makes me feel bad for her.... almost
  10. After seeing her privates I don't think Britney will ever be the same for me. She lost all class in my books.
  11. LOL :roflmfao:
  12. ah yes, it must be those "spa" treatments she has been having ;) :p
  13. Anyone see those strange, recent video clips of Brit featured on entertainment shows like The Insider, etc, yesterday? Either she was really playing it up for the cameras or is not faring too well. Aww..can't say it enough-I miss the old Britney.
  14. Her face looks ok, but she needs to get her gear together.