Britney Allure **flashback**

  1. Britney Allure photoshot flashback
  2. Too bad old Brit won't ever be back...she had so much going for her then. You can see the difference in her eyes...
  3. I really hope she pulls through of this slump.
  4. She looked so vibrant in 2005!!! Her and JT never should of split up LOL!
  5. In order for her to really get out of it, she'll have to get out of Hollywood and I don't think she can.
  6. Thanks for the pic!
  7. Yeah I agree.
  8. i really hope she can pull her life together. she is still young and has a lot of years left. I want to see her do well.
  9. Her eyes looks so tired....and the new picture...

    It's so sad...she looks so beaten.
  10. i think the first step for Britney is ADMITTING she has a problem !!
  11. :sos: