**Britney & Alli: Soooo Tacky**

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  1. who wears the same bag as their friend?!? it just looks very odd to me. :confused1:
  2. I don't care for either of them.

    From time to time, I do carry the same purse as my friends, so it doesn't bother me that they're carrying the same purse.
  3. Well maybe they hit the corner fake bag sale and it was a two for one price???
  4. I wish Brit would wear the same shoes as Alli and get RID of those boots she always wears.
  5. Hello.... I just saw on PerezHilton that Brit had purchased two identical Versace bags, and couldn't figure out why... Now I know- but isn't it a bit late in the season for white???
  6. I don't mind if a friend has the same bag as me, but to wear them together seems a bit too 12-yr-old-BFF type thing, kwim?
  7. Agh, her hair looks so bad...
  8. thats exactely what i thought about. like when you go to the mall and you see a group of 6 girls and they are all wearing the same exact thing....but they are 13 yr. olds!
  9. she is so messed up...

    i think she just needs to go away for a long time.
  10. :roflmfao: I didn't know how to pinpoint the feeling that I get when my best friend and I accidentally show up wearing the same bag, but you hit it right on the head! hahaha!!
  11. She is beyond help!
  12. hahah! britney is so crazy. i think the purse matchy thing is related to how she always switches clothes with her friends when she goes clubbing. maybe she feels more secure when others look like her or when she looks like them? i don't see why else she would suddenly switch dresses with someone while she's clubbing.
  13. They look stupid, it's very 7th grade!
  14. Britney's a trendsetter! ;)

  15. now that's cute!!!! how do you get a mini version of a bag??? what bag is that?