Britney again...

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  1. Somehow her ensemble just doesn't do the bag justice. :sick:
  2. Ugh... I know I don't always look perfectly put together, but what is she doing?!
  3. omg she looks like she just got ran over by a truck!!! someone save that padddyyyy!
  4. Ugh. I have a kid with special needs and a dog and a full-time job and nowhere near her $$, and I still don't go out of the house looking like that, even just to go to the grocery store.
  5. My thoughts exactly !! Someone help that paddy !
  6. for some reason, that paddy looks like a fake!
  7. Ha ain't that the truth PSEUB! I went back to school three days after delivering my son, and I pulled it together more than Brit Brit, she's wrecked!
  8. Too funny!!! Her baby sister looks better than she does:blink:
  9. It looks small....I thought at first it was maybe a small one...but it doesn't even look slouchy enough. :lol:
  10. And she was shopping in Malibu! Who knows who you can run into there....some handsome hunk for goodness sakes!! :wacko:
  11. That paddington looks fake. Someone on the Fashion Spot posted these photos and a lot of the posters there said it was a fake. The leather looks kinda stiff, not slouchy at all.
  12. yeah as soon as i saw it i was like 'damn, that's gotta be fake.'
  13. Well, since I didn't even recognise it was a paddy, it's gotta be fake. Federslime must have spent all her money - not only a fake designer bag, but a bad fake.
  14. Yeah, unless she's got it stuffed with sofa pillow foam, it sure does seem awfully structured. Mine flops like a sleeping cat. (no complaints... I like that about the bag, reminds me of my old kitty, long since deceased. :amuse: )
  15. Damn, definitely not one of her best days.
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