British WAGS: Ladies Day @ Aintree

  1. Coleen was first past the post in the fashion stakes on Ladies Day at the Aintree races with a dramatic burnt orange Grecian gown.

    Flanked by friends and family as she enjoyed a day at the world famous race course, Coleen pulled out all the stops by hiring a stretched limo and a fleet of cars for her entourage

    The WAGS out in force, with Coleen (left) and Alex (right) turning plenty of heads at Aintree

    Coleen's fellow WAG Alex Curran made sure she frilled onlookers with a multi-layered cream number that showed plenty of leg.
    A fine array of spectacular outfits bedazzled onlookers on a gloriously sunny day in Liverpool. Some were thoroughbreds in the art of haute couture, others proved to be mere fashion foals with a lot to learn.
    Here's a lorra lorra leg!

    Some would say 'colourful', others might be less kind, We leave it for you to decide
  2. [​IMG]
    Coleen and friends
  3. [​IMG]
    The racegoers enjoy the sun
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  9. O-M-G They are such a joke!!!And oh god,is Alex wearing Balenciaga top? :crybaby:
  10. OMG!!! they're awfully dressed!
    i love steveb gerrard, and i dislike alex, she can look so... trashy :p
  11. How & What & WhY?!?!?

    the girl in the bubble dress, espidrilles & drama queen shopping bag looks cute though and alex looks good to me to but the rest are just truly unbelieveable!!
  12. I know, some of them look like peacocks. I like the Chanel sunnies though.
  13. Words fail me...
  14. I don't know any of these women but why are they dressed like easter eggs? Is this supposed to be serious?
  15. I love Alex's outfit. I also like the tunic style red/pink/yellow etc. dress that the girl in the photo next to the exposed booby girl is wearing.

    Everyone else have me :confused1: :confused1: .