British Wag Alex Corran Shows off Her Mercedes & Her $3.000 Botox Injected Handbag !

  1. Alex, 25, showed off the silver car as she went on a shopping trip to her favourite boutique Cricket with daughter Ella dressed in exceedingly high black patent platform boots, which she accessorised with her £1,500 Zagliani python-skin handbag. The large python-skin bag, which was designed by a former dermatologist has been injected with Botox to make the skin more plump and softer.

  2. Another tough day in wagsville for Alex huh ;)
  3. Who is this lady? I've never heard of her.
  4. How cute is that child? Even with her face blocked out, she already looks stylish!
  5. I never heard of her either :wondering
  6. oh brother...

    Wonder if she send her bag in every 6 weeks for touch ups.
  7. only grannies drive mercedes
  8. ?

    I'm in my 30's - love my Mercedes.

  9. Me too, in my 30's drive a Mercedes and have 3 Zagliani's which are my pride and joy because they weren't that high profile a bag! Cheers Mrs Gerrard!:nogood:
  10. What does the term "wag" mean?
  11. I love Alex Curran, she is great, so much style.
  12. Over here in the u.k we have lots of W.A .G.S

    Its referring to in the Footballing world, Wifes and girlfriends, as simple as that!!

  13. Football meaning soccer right?
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    of course !!!
  15. yes football means soccer. over here in the uk football is our biggest sport and their wags get alot of attention as they are pretty, slim and have all the latest designer bags and clothes