British terminology? What is a vest?

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  1. when i think of vest, i think of a sleeveless top with buttons going down the front and a large opening.

    But Im learning that its what I call a "tank top"

  2. ^^ is that a vest?
  3. A vest is like a tank top but worn as underwear to keep you warm, children mainly wear these in winter, well my 8 year old sister does anyway!
  4. Haute, I call those undershirts :smile:
  5. that's a vest, yes :yes:
  6. Yea vests are more like underwear...
  7. Yes, a "tank top" and "vest" are actually the same thing. It's like those you can get from Calvin Klein Underwear. It's like the same thing you wear under a cardigan on cool summer days.
  8. No no no. A vest is basically a jumper (sweater) without arms. Hang on and I will find a pic.

    The OP's picture is of a singlet.
  9. Here is a classic vest:
  10. from wikipedia :

    A vest is a type of collarless sleeveless upper-body garment. There are a variety of similar garments that may be referred to as vests, but also under other names in different regions. Vests usually fall into two broad categories:
    • Sleeveless upper-body garments, usually worn as undergarments, known as vests, undershirts or singlets.
    • Sleeveless jackets or coats, known as vests in the US and as waistcoats in the UK.
  11. I love that we all have different interpretations of what a vest is! Its great!

    Its like pants! In the UK, pants mean big knickers (the kind of thing our hubbies wear lol), yet in europe and the states, pants are trousers!

    Dont even get me started on the fanny bags etc lol ;)

  12. Yeah but she's talking about Bristish terminology... I don't think we use vests in that way here..
  13. men's corset.
  14. Don't you? I would have thought that Aussie and English terminology were the same. Oh well, maybe not. A vest is also a sleeveless button up bit that men wear as part of a 3-piece suit.