British shorthair cats

  1. Does anyone have a British shorthair cat? I have 3 myself (but one is actually a longhair) and I just love them!
  2. I had a British Blue short haired male cat. HIs name was Blu. I loved him. He as such the KING of the house. I was living in the UK at the time and I moved to the states. My then room-mate begged to keep him and I really did not feel it was fair to make him travel to the states I had to let him stay. He is happy and healthy. He was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. Loved him!
  3. I have a cat...who is short haired, and born in Britain? Does she count? :shrugs:
  4. Does anyone have a picture? I've never heard of them, but I love all cats!
  5. A picture of my "Morris" (Shaded silver male)
  6. Morris is soo soo pretty!! i wana hug him!!
    I have a british short hair tabby, shes 1 yr old.. i will post pics of her when i get home!!

  8. kashmira, thanks for the picture! I think Morris is beautiful. Now I completely see why British short hair cats are so highly thought of!;)
  9. Morris is a very pretty kitty!
  10. I just have to show you a picture of Cookie- daughter of Morris! She is a longhaired "British shorthair".
  11. *GASP*

    Morris is gorgeous....
  12. omg!! i LOVE the way Morris and Cookie look! The plush fur...cobby body and legs and those big eyes! *sigh* i LOVE British shorthairs! they're very popular right now in Hong Kong. I was looking at a blue-point British Short hair today that was imported from Australia and his price tag was close to USD 1390!!!
  13. oooh my.. cookie is soo pretty!! Here is a pic of my British Short Hair tabby daughter, Chloe, she was born in the UK and is now 1 year old.. :p
  14. Morris, Cookie, and Chloe are absolutely adorable! I've never heard of British short hairs. Thanks for the pics.
  15. They are truly gorgeous cats. Blu was so pretty and when he was naughty I would tell him he better behave because he would make the best looking handbag I loved that cat so much. :sad: