British School Girls Beat Classmate’s Face ‘Beyond Recognition’

  1. That's seriously horrible. :sad:
  2. f-ing disgusting! why do these things continue to happen....???ARGH
  3. That is awful, the two girls who did that need to be charged with assault and locked up. In the USA, if in a fight you hit anybody with something other than your fist (including a foot with a shoe on it), it is considered assault with a deadly weapon. I hope the victim recovers, she will probably never look the same after that.
  4. I've seen the girl and her mum interviewed on TV and thankfully she has recovered well with no real visible scars (other than emotionally obviously), she looks just like the second picture.
  5. That is good to hear, she is very pretty.
  6. Wow, how horrible. Im happy she has recovered. My question is, if she had friends with her-why did they let this happen? They were just sitting back while these 2 girls did this to their "friend"?
  7. Oh gosh, this is the most horrible thing I've heard in days! It's so sad, and she's such a pretty girl! I hope she can find an other school to go to or something, I wouldn't go back there.
  8. Why haven't the other girls been charged?!?!?! How frustrating!
  9. That's horrible. Frankly, it's unbelievable that the two grils who did this haven't been charged. And her school admin. wants her to come back! Why won't they do anything?
  10. That is awful, absolutely awful. The police need to take bullying a lot more seriously as should the schools.
  11. How horrible! This really make me mad.:cursing:
  12. wow that sucks. Its soo sad. Poor Girl.
  13. This is truly shocking.
    Being a teacher, I have saw bullies before, but this kind of bullying is totally horrible. :wtf:
  14. I was just thinking about it... What would you do if it was one of your friends that was being beat up? Would you jump inbetween? That's also really hard.