British Girls: Skincare?


Jun 13, 2006
I have very fair skin, so this is for the fair-skinned girls ... what do you use for your skin? I am in the US, but if it's all UK or European products, I'm interested in hearing about them.

P.S. I realize that not all girls in Britain have fair skin, and wasn't implying that this is the case. I'm just interested because I have fair skin.
yep, I too am a dermalogica girl, I have tried everything in the past from clinique to simple, but nothing is as good for my skin. I use dermalogica multi active toner, skin smoothing moisturiser and ultra calming cleanser. Its fantastic stuff, and I would recommend a trip to your local salan and picking up some testers. I am v fair, with semi sensitive skin :smile:
I have very fair skin and use Creme de la mer, La prairie, bliss and am about to try Decleor. I always find that with my skin type, less is more, so I dont slather things over my face and instead use just as much as I need. I also use a good make up remover and facial wash to make sure my skin is clean.
I have had really bad reactions to dermalogica (gave me cystic acne), clinique, gatineau and eve lom.