British girl, aged two, joins high IQ club

  1. AFP - Friday, June 22 08:25 pm
    LONDON (AFP) - A two-year-old girl with an intelligence quotient of 152 has become the youngest current member of British Mensa, the international society for highly-intelligent people, it said Friday.
    Georgia Brown, aged two years and 10 months, was welcomed into the exclusive club after an assessment by a child psychologist, who was said to be "elated" as the findings were what would be expected for a five or six-year-old.
    But the little girl, from Aldershot, in southern England, is still not the youngest member ever to join British Mensa. She missed out by six days to Ben Woods, who joined in the 1990s.
    The previous youngest current member was a three-year-old boy with an IQ of 137, who joined in 2005.
    Mensa normally only tests people over the age of 10 and a half but accepts younger children who are found to be within the top two percent of the population.
    The girl's mother, Lucy, was quoted by the BBC News website as saying that she called in the child psychologist to test her daughter's IQ after spotting that she was a quick developer.
    "It's fantastic. We're so proud as a family," she said.
    Mensa, which is Latin for table, seeks to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity, according to its website.
    It also seeks to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members as well as to encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence.

  2. If she is really smart she will figure out that hanging with all those old smart people is a bore and will go do something fun.
  3. OK, why are these parents testing the IQ of their 2-year old?
  4. Wow...impressive! I wonder how she learned to read so fast?
  5. That is a really high IQ! I feel a little stupid now....
  6. ^ Hah, you're telling me!
  7. Wow!!! This is amazing!
  8. Huh, I wonder how they even test the IQ of a 2 year old? By speach, language, and motor skill development?
  9. ^^ Much of the test is visual, and revolves around memory, logic and reasoning. Like complete the series games, etc.....
  10. I guess I don't undestand why they wanted the child to be a member of Mensa at 2 years old. I wonder if the parents are members.
  11. Me too?? But the positive thing for that child is it means that her parents really pay attention to her development and if she surrounded by the right people it means she won't have the strong difficulties children with high IQ often have at school.
  12. I have to agree. I think it goes along with my other rants recently on other threads that people will do anything for fame and money.

    Lots of children develop faster than others but there are a lot of factors to take into consideration - it doesn't mean that they are going to be Eistein!!!

    Getting my children's IQ tested is not the first thing you think about when they are 2 and doing things that maybe some other children aren't!!

    I think I'm just a cynical old bird!!!
  13. I doubt that they can get an accurate IQ at that age. Intelligence testing is inexact anyways, since there are many more types of intelligence than what Mensa measures.

    I hope the parents won't ruin her childhood with wanting her to overachieve too much.
  14. There's really no sense in a child being a member of Mensa, it's just something for press or to brag about. It it is just like any club where people have meetings and whatnot. Not much for a child to do.
  15. Why can't kids just be kids?