british gals... what do you think about paul smith bags?

  1. i always think they are kinda funky. but i would like to know more about them. as in durability, etc.
  2. Can't say I use his bags, but I love his clothes & they are fabulous! Also DH wears his clothes & uses his accessories & swears by them.

    Paul Smith was trained as tailor, not a fashion designer so generally his range is of the highest quality. I wouoldn't think twice about getting them based on quality.
  3. not a British gal--yet!--but I love Paul Smith!
    don't have a bag but love the clothes--if you're interested maybe you could get one on sale and let us know?

    it looks like vanilla_addict also bought her SO a Paul Smith wallet so maybe PM her?
  4. I always think Paul Smith is funky, I especially like their signature stripe or floral pattern shirts (for men). If you go for Paul Smith you go for these, unfortunately they don't have a bag in a shape I want.

    As for durability, they must be pretty good because they are made in Italy (I'm pretty sure on this, at least I'm 100% certain on their shirts.
  5. I'm not British, but I love his swirl print! So colorful! Kind of reminds me of Pucci.
  6. Love Paul Smith bags - I was eyeing up one in Liberty sales the other day ( bought a Mulberry Araline in the end!) It was the satchel style in his signature multi-coloured swirl print, it looks easy to carry, get into and very hard wearing. I think the swirl print is beautiful, classic and indicates you are carrying a Paul Smith without the need for big flashy logos. If I was rich I would have bought it along with the Mulberry!
  7. i want the swirl too.
    but i dont know where i can get it. eluxury only has 1 and i donnt really like it
  8. i wanted this side pack thing by him, and an hour later they were out of stock :sad:
  9. Ah yes the Mini - another very British icon! Love that bag!
  10. I've been in love with the Paul Smith swirl print for years (I have some shoes and scarves). I've found that I don't like the leather he uses in his bags, however. Every swirl print leather I've picked up is very heavy and muted. I would expect a more supple, less casual leather, but have never found one.
  11. I don't own one but quite like the swirl print he uses. I also love teh quirky window displays he always has in his Floral Street store in Covent Garden.
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