British boy sneaks onto Rome flight without passport

  2. As adults we fear for his safety but I'm sure he thought it was completely awesome
  3. I don't even know how this happened. There are multiple checks you have to go through in the airport, what are the chances someone can bypass ALL of them without getting caught?
  4. ^^ Seriously! They check your passport and your boarding pass multiple times. How did he go through a "full security screening" without getting checked for a passport? That is not a full security screening!
  5. I was wondering that myself.
  6. His mom took him downtown to go shopping and he sneaks off onto a bus and onto a flight... Lol. As his mom i wouldve near died of anxiety if i knew he randomly ended up in another country!!

    2 comments i liked from another page about this story:
    Euro Home Alone
    If he was 4 liquid oz he wouldve been caught. LOL.
  7. This just goes to show that a lot more could be done.

    My boss recently had to fly for business. The first time he used someone elses ticket (!!) because he wanted to save the company money. He got caught.

    The SECOND time he tried it again. He also used someone else's ticket and he got through with no problems. He checked himself in online and got one of those weird barcodes sent to his phone. He wasn't asked to identifiy himself at all!
  8. just too many loopholes in the checking/screening process. if a boy can do it, imagine what sort of opportunities people with bad intentions can have.