British Airways torn my keepall

  1. On a flight back home hubby checked in the Keepall. When he saw the bag again at the custom, the canvas where the straps are was torn. :wtf: The damage is almost 6 inches long and exposing the items within the bag. We went to the BA baggage depatment and at the moment when they saw the damage, they accused us of buying fakes :cursing: from China. If it were a fake, I wouldn't dare to complain, right? :cursing: After we told them it is authentic and it is like new (this is the third time hubby used the bag), they said they are going to send it to LV to FIX the bag. Although I know it was impossible to fix the torn canvas, i let them do so because they want to know if it is authentic too. So after 4 weeks of waiting, I received a call from LV telling me the bag is unfixable. The torn was likely to occur when the baggage people pulled the bag out of the plane when it was stuck by other luggages. They already contact British Airways about the situation and BA said it was too expensive to buy me back a new one. :cursing: So now LV said I should talk/fight with them for a reasonable compensation. I am going to call them tomorrow and I don't know what they are going to tell me...
  2. thats horrible. i have checked in my lv luagge many times. thank god nothing has happen to it. but they have gotten it dirty.
  3. WOW. I would be insanely PISSED OFF if ANY airway did that to my luggage, doesnt matter if it's LV or not! :cursing:

    Reading your post reminds me to never ever checkin expensive luggage.

    I hope everything gets resolved and BA BETTER compensate you!!
  4. Wow, that's horrible! I will never check expensive luggage!
  5. That's so stupid..maybe they should have been more cognizant of their passenger's luggage before deeming something "too expensive." In that case, they need to be more careful with EVERYONE'S luggage no matter who it may or may not be made by. I mean it's their fault so they need to take care of it.
    I really hope they come up with something good. There's no excuse for that.
  6. wow, that is horrible! It's a nightmare! Oh you better fight! They ruined such a beautiful piece!
  7. Oh my god how horrible! You definitely should get all you money back and then some!!

    My mother´s bag (non lv, non anything) got ripped (in one corner) and Finnair (ok different airline but either way) paid 600 marks (we had marks back then) and the bag was probably worth 200 :biggrin:
  8. :wtf:OMG!!!!!! that's horrible!!!! those horrible people!!!! @*@(%@) I feel soooooo bad for ya! I'm soooo sorry this happened to you! I agree with LV, FIGHT with them! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!
  9. This is why I would never check in expensive luggage, I'm so sorry this happend to you and your poor keepall!
  10. That's why I never used LV for travel.
  11. agree!
    :wtf: First they accuse you purchase the replica, when BA found out it's auth and the price, they refuse to pay for it?? That is insane! It's obvious BA's fault as LV is KNOWN for their quality and starts off as luggage company. Please keep us update as many of us plan to check in LV luggage piece...Good luck!
  12. I'm so sorry to hear's terrible and I totally understand your feelings!!!
    I hope everything would be better soon. *hug*
    Thanks for sharing.
  13. eeekks! and all this time i've been telling people how great british airways is! i hope they compensate u!
  14. That is soooo horrible! That is why I never check my keepall (and of course, I'm terrified that it will get stolen), but lately I've been thinking about buying more luggage that I will have to check in, but this thread makes me decide against it.
    Anyways, fight this! BA broke your bag and then insulted you - they shouldn't get away with this!
  15. could you just replace the handles (I say handles plural so they are even color) and have them pay for that?