British Airways Places Dead Passenger in First Class Seat

  1. A British Airways passenger travelling first class has described how he woke up on a long-haul flight to find that cabin crew had placed a corpse in his row.
    The body of a woman in her seventies, who died after the plane left Delhi for Heathrow, was carried by cabin staff from economy to first class, where there was more space. Her body was propped up in a seat, using pillows.
    The woman’s daughter accompanied the corpse, and spent the rest of the journey wailing in grief.
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    Paul Trinder, who awoke to see the body at the end of his row, last week described the journey as “deeply disturbing”, and complained that the airline dismissed his concerns by telling him to “get over it”.
    “It was a complete mess — they seemed to have no proper plans in place to deal with the situation,” said Trinder, 54, a businessman from Brackley, Northamptonshire.
    The woman died during a nine-hour flight on a Boeing 747. Trinder was catching up on sleep when he was woken by a commotion and opened his eyes to see staff manueuvering the body into a seat.
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    “I didn’t have a clue what was going on. The stewards just plonked the body down without saying a thing. I remember looking at this frail, sparrow-like woman and thinking she was very ill,” said Trinder.
    “She kept slipping under the seatbelt and moving about with the motion of the plane. When I asked what was going on I was shocked to hear she was dead.”
    The woman’s daughter and son-in-law arrived soon after and began grieving. Trinder said: “It was terrifying. I put my earplugs in but couldn’t get away from the fact that there was a woman wailing at the top of her voice just yards away. It was a really intense, primal sound.
    “I felt helpless. Grief is a very personal thing; it’s not as if there was anything I could do or say.”
    Trinder, chief executive of Capital Safety, which makes products for the building industry, holds a BA gold card and travels more than 200,000 miles a year with the airline.
    He became particularly concerned about the state of the body. “When you have a decaying body on a plane at room temperature for more than five hours there are significant health and safety risks,” he said.
    After the plane landed, those in first class remained on board for an hour before police and a coroner gave the all-clear.
    “The police even started interviewing me as a potential witness, although I had no idea what had happened to the woman. I just kept thinking to myself: ‘I’ve paid more than £3,000 for this’,” Trinder said.
    When contacted by BA about the complaint, Trinder says he was told he would not be compensated and should “get over” the incident.
    BA said the dead woman was taken into first class because the rest of the plane was full.
    A spokesman said: “When a customer passes away on board it is always difficult and we apologize for any distress caused.”
    He said there were about 10 deaths each year out of 36 million passengers.
    Other carriers use different procedures. Singapore Airlines has introduced “corpse cupboards” on its Airbus 340-500 aircraft. Cabin crews use the locker if there is no empty row of seats to place a corpse.

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    Yikes! :wtf:
  2. :shocked:
  3. That's sad, but I guess they had no other choice. I think they did the right thing, allthough it wasn't really nice for the other passengers.
  4. This is very sad.

    I understand the man was in a very uncomfortable situation but I couldn't help reading many of his comments as being insensitive.

    Were they supposed to throw the body out a window?! :wtf:
  5. sorry but i do sort of understand him. BA should be prepared for these things, or at least have moved him somewhere else. why not offer him the economy seat and compensate the payment between the two?
    that is just common courtesy, given that 3 places were empty. they should accommodate either passenger IMO.

    that way he wouldn't have to deal with it and they had a more appropriate situation for the grieving family. his health concerns are over the top though bec in many cultures it is common to have a body in the house for grieving procedures.
  6. :oh:

    To be honest, I don't know how I would react to waking up to find a dead old lady at the end of the row from me. So I don't know whether to be on his side or not...

    But I think as a sign of goodwill, BA should have given him some form of compensation to make up for his erm, discomfort. It wouldn't have cost them much anyway. :shrugs:
  7. Wow I'm on his side, that's pretty horrifying. Yes it is obviously terrible, but there should be a better plan for this sort of situation, as there are a LOT of other people on that plane to consider. Call me selfish or *****y, whatever, lol, but if you stuck a dead woman in the row next to me with a screaming banshee on top of that, I'd be freaking out. I can't believe they told him to "get over it". The airline should have at least apologized personally to the guy or compensated the passengers that had to deal with that, because that's a pretty traumatic situation, one that could easily have been avoided if the airline had a plan. Yeesh...I have to say I'd be pretty pissed if an airline completely disregarded every one of it's passengers feelings save for two. No reason for a lack of courtesy.
  8. How horrible! I believe this should have been dealt with in a PROPER manner, for the sake of the bereaved family and the rest of the passengers!
  9. completely speechless, i won't know what to do if i were the daughter or the passengers...
    but i agree BA should've handles this better for both sides.
  10. o my god.. how awful for the guy..

    The plane should compensate him for sure- at least another free flight or something

    telling him to get over it is not professional
  11. I'm sure the airline didn't have much choice and probably would have relocated the man to another seat if possible. I think he should get a refund though.
  12. ITA!!:yes:
  13. oh my god...the guy sitting next to the bodymust of been totally disgusted. i know i would be! ick.
  14. i would need therapy after something like that.
  15. I would have needed help after that incident.... I'd need an oxygen bag. That would really disturb me :wtf: