Britian's Belen Enchandia to invade the U.S. :)

  1. Here's some info I learned about Belen Enchandia (, which someone on this forum--can't remember who--led me to. These are beautiful bags.

    Jackie Cawthra wrote,

    "I like the Purse Forum very much.

    Yes we do deliver to the US and delivery is approximately £25 ($48). We are about to launch a dollar site which will make it all much easier for you (and cheaper, since we take off the sales tax outside the UK).

    We are actually going to be doing a trunk show at Henri Bendel on 30th and 31st March (so not long now) to give US women a chance to come and see the bags in person."
  2. You are lucky, lucky, lucky! I love these bags and can tell you that as a UK based girl they are complete head turners - enjoy!
  3. The bags are beautiful and classic! Someone please post when the US site is up! :smile:
  4. omg! I nearly ended up sharing a flat with the girl who designs them! I think her bags are Lovely!