brite smile?

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  1. has anybody gone to one of the brite smile locatinos to have their teeth whitened?

    they're having a promotion now where it's $400, and i was wondering if anyone knew if this was all i had to pay or if there were other fees that i don't know about :blink:.....

    also, if you've had it done can you tell me if you experienced any pain/tooth sensitivity, and if the results are worth the money? (this is A LOT of money to me...especially to spend on my teeth) this something that will last forever, and will i see a drastic change?.....i'd love to have white white teeth :yes:

    oh and also, is this bad for my teeth?.....i don't wanna do this if it will weaken my teeth in the long run....i already have very sensitive teeth (sensitive to hot and cold) so i need to take good care of them :angel:
  2. ooo i saw this too...can anyone give any advice?
  3. I had the laser tooth whitening at my dentist's office which is the same
    machine they use at brite smile....depending on the condition of your
    teeth they can get up to 10 shades whiter! They send you home with a
    bleaching tray which you can use once a month for touch-ups. As far as sensitivity is concerned; if your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold
    now you will experience a bit of tingling the day after you have it done.
    Other then that I would say it was not painful at all. So worth the money!!! I had mine done 2 years ago and they are still the same color
    white as when I had them done. I wear the trays for 2 hours once every 3-4 months. I get so many compliments on my teeth now and find I am smiling all of the time! Money well spent, I think you will be happy you did it if you decide to do it. Let us know what happens.
  4. chloe did you see a big difference in your teeth after you got it done? i've always been self conscious of my teeth since they're not as whtie as i like, but i was looking in he mirror the other day and noticed that they're not as bad as i imagined that they were (i think i tend to overdramatize things in my head :P), and i'm wondering if i'll see as big a change as i'd like.....
  5. The difference was HUGE! I never thought they could get that white
    and stay that white. It really makes a big difference in your appearance as well. I'm going to see if I can find a picture tonight where I am smiling and post it :biggrin: My teeth were not bad at all, I never
    smoked or drank coffee, so I was concerned that the difference would
    not be that great, and perhaps I would regret spending the money.....
    I was really thrilled, and I am picky! I had never had people say to me
    "You have gorgeous teeth" before, and now I get lots of compliments.
  6. ooooh that sounds great to me :yes:......i read some bad reviews about brite smile (not that much difference and tons and tons of HORIBBLE stabbing pain :cry:smile: but i still really want it......

    are there no other fees other than their advertised price?......

    i've been checking out the Teeth Whitening Express program which is like much much much cheaper (a little over a hundred) but it's an at home treatment and takes over a week, and i'm a very impatient person....i lose interest in like 3 days so i know i'd never finish the program :noggin:
  7. I would go with Brite Smile or the denist since they both use lasers, which seem to get the best results. I have lots of friends that have used the at home methods and not really gotten very good results. I would call Brite Smile before you book the appt. and confirm if there are
    any additional fees...from what I have heard there are not. But, I would definitely check before booking.
  8. Usually there are two systems in OZ which should be the same in US. Seeing it is all a US product.

    There is the take home kit which you do for 9 days twice a day for 30mins-1hr. Usually the take home kit you get several syringes of solution, your custom trays, desensitising solution.

    The white light system (laser) you usually sit in the chair for 1hr with all the necessary damming, retraction and sun visors. Usually is 3 x 2omins sessions. You still need to do the touchup in a few days for another 2-3days to achieve the supposingly 10 shades. The sensitivity is usually greater in the laser due to the teeth getting dehydrated and white light constantly on the teeth. You might need to take some pain killers before you go for the appointment. Make sure you ask your dentist what drugs might disturb the achievement of the whiteness.

    Both systems are just as good as each other. The laser whitening is more expensive than the take home kit and you are able to achieve the results in a shorter amount of time. They both achieve the same results in the end... no difference.

    Important thing is from the beginning to the end of your whitening you should try and avoid higly pigmented foods such as beetroot, red wines, tea, coffee. Try to stick to neutral coloured foods risotto, rice etc...If you really have to then brush your teeth straight away.

    With both systems you still need to do a touch up in about 4-6 months, as the colour will not be there permanently. You might have left overs from previous kit or even get some more from your dentist.

    Both systems you may get some sensitivity. It could be abfractions, lesions, cracks or even decay(if not filled). Not all people experience sensitivity.

    There's also a product that your dentist might be able to suggest to you.....sensodyne or even tooth mousse (better). Ask your dentist.

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  10. I did Brite smile about a year and a half ago. I loved it. I actually told them to stop at a certain point because I was worried that I would have one of those Hollywood-fake-like-white-smiles (they will show you how many shades they can reach for you.) I loved it- had to eat only "white food" for the first day because you have to build your protective tooth coating back again-but other than that, it was fabulous and no problems afterwards. I paid $500- so your deal is great. I don't think there are any other fees unless you buy any additional products.
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  12. I had my teeth whiten by my dentist last year. The procedure took about an hour or wasn't called brite smile it was called ZOOM. I'm sure there all the same. It was money well spent. I was also given trays to wear once a month to maintain my pearly whites. :biggrin:
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  14. jc- register your email with . I did because I am also seriously considering it. They email me with 20 percent discount codes if you book your appt online. I don't have any current codes but if I get one I'll PM it to you. The price in Arizona is $400 but I don't know if that includes the monthly treatment you do at home. I heard the results are instant and dramatic. As far as tooth safety I'm unsure but I can't imagine it being any unsafer than a home kit.

  15. How much to it cost you, will insurance cover any?