Britans National Dish

  1. In a recent speech, Britain's chief foreign affairs adviser, Robin Cook, declared that chicken tikka masala is "Britain's true national dish". His critics laughed.But its no laughing matter if you really examine the eating habits of London. Fish and Chips is fast taking second place to Chicken Tikka Masala.

    It is not just Chicken Tikka Masala but all dishes Indian are hot favourites in London. Many a Restaurant London has seen, yet the Indian restaurants in London are the meeting places for most britishers. What pizza is to New York, Curry is to London.It has become the most common dish on menus at restaurants.Any Anglo Indian dish is served as Curry now and premixed masala (sauce) is used to make the Curry.But the authentic Indian Curry can be tasted only in an Indian Restaurant. These curries are made differently for each region in India and vary from watery to thick. Subtle differences are distinguished by chefs and gourmet Indians. British homes have also started cooking the curry with readymade mixes. But the expert Indian cook can give you the authentic stuff and any layman can make out the difference. Also if the spices are not used in a certain order and method the goodness of these spices are lost for the end consumer. When used the way it should be the ingredients inherent values are enhanced and even aid in curing ulcers, headache etc.

    Meals are a ritual in India and Food is considered to be God incarnation and treated with utmost respect. Herbs and spices used are to help the individual’s health –for mind and body. There are certain food which calms the senses certain ones which they eat only during rainy season etc.

    Food in an Indian restaurant is served as the course should be served and it is best to follow the instruction of learned chefs to get the best of the food you eat. All said and done its Chicken Tikka Masala which wins all the way.
  2. Interesting read! I love the part:
  3. haha, this is so true. just been to the pub for lunch after work and guess what i had. . . chicken tikka masala and a pint of carling.
  4. Very interesting...thanks for sharing. :tup:
  5. Well, have you tasted English food? Not exactly a feast for the mouth. I have relatives in England and every time I visit them, I loose weight. Just slap on some HP sauce and everything is better. LOL.
  6. ^
    ITA, no wonder tikka masala is getting more popular. When I saw the headline I hesitated to open this thread due to fright of what I could find, so this was a nice surprise. :s
    really, proper english food not the junk stuff.
    steak and kidney pudding, cottage pie, fish and chips, roast dinners, hot pot, shepheards pie, fish pie, toad in the hole, sausage and mash with onion gravy. want me to go on?
  8. This is as it should be. I love chicken tikka masala!

    Today England, tomorrow the world!
  9. No, you have already convinced me that even though I may FEEL full, I should go downstairs and have just a little more chicken tikka masala.
  10. with popadums and mango chutney coriander naan bread?
  11. :dots:
  12. YEs! with garlic naan and mango chutney, I made a chicken tikka taquito. How did you know?? You must have psychic powers. And I must have another taquito.
  13. bangers, too! :drool:
  14. OMFG - I don't even want to know what that is!

    Please do not go on. We ski with Brits every winter in Canada. Their favorite sandwich is "Chip Butties" Bread, potato chips and butter.
  15. steak and kidney pudding is a steamed pie not an actual pudding(as in sweet)
    and while your on chip butties dont forget fish finger butties.