Britain's Next Top Model - Has Anyone Been Watching It???

  1. Well - what can I say, I don't normally watch these programmes, they're pretty awful on the whole - but for some extraordinary reason I am totally hooked on the latest series of Britains Next Top Model on UK television....

    Has anyone else seen it?

    What do you think?

    Who do want to win?

    Who would you like to see booted out next??

    Forgive me for being blunt, I rather hope that Abigail disappears next...

    Nothing against Liverpudlians folks - got family up there and I love them to bits - but she does not do you all any justice at all - she is really rather horrid!! Whining, back-stabbing, doesn't care (by her own admission) who she stamps on to win - uggghhhhh...:rant: These may be qualities that can get a girl to the top - but you can keep them.. Just hearing her shrill, grating voice makes me wince...:hysteric:

    Anyway - that's my humble opinion - what do you think?

    I'd like to see Leanne win - although a little tricky sometimes - she has got what it takes and at least she gets on with it and has guts...