Books & Music Brit rock recommendations

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  1. I'm looking for tunes along the lines of The Verve and Oasis. Recommendations are welcome! :nuts:
  2. I'm going to suggest Stereophonics, Radiohead, Keane and Snow Patrol. You can also check out, where you can preview songs and see which artists are similar to one another.
  3. Kaiser Chiefs
    Arctic Monkeys
  4. Muse is a great band.
  5. Ash are also great and if you like Snow patrol check out The Reindeer Section. Maybe also Franz Ferdinand they are or were pretty popular.
  6. Love Keane, Muse and Franz Ferdinand. What about All American Rejects?
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    Elbow, Turin Brakes, The Cinamatic Orchestra
  8. I don't know how along your tastes lines they'd be but my favorite Brit rock bands are Babyshambles, The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys, and Dirty Pretty Things
  9. James
    The Kooks
  10. Snow Patrol, Keane and The Kooks are my favorites.
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    Kasabian, Muse, Travis, Keane, Wicked Man's Rest, Snow Patrol...and my all time fave British Band (besides The Beatles)...Coldplay :smile:

    P.S. I just bought 'Lungs' by Florence & The Machines and it is amazing!
  12. My favorite-est band ever, Radiohead! They're pretty popular so you might've heard them already. If not, check out their album OK Computer. It's the one that made me fall completely in love with their music!
  13. ^^ same here:smile:

    Pulp, Teenage Fanclub
  14. Hard Fi, Bloc Party
  15. A few not mentioned

    Stone Roses
    Joy Division