Brit and other celeb..

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  2. omg
  3. Oh Brintey i hope she gets her act together soon!
  5. If you want clean and wholesome, there's always her sister - Jamie-Lynn.
  6. ummm honestly who cares if shes not wearing underwear and decides to show her crotch? If the papp werent there taking pics im sure no one would have known. plenty of non-celeb gurls living not only in LA, but everywhere dont wear underwear with short dresses, dress pants etc all this comotion is because she is a celeb??? I think people need to get over it, its her decision and im sure there are plenty of women who arent constantly photographed that go out not wearing bras or panties.....atleast shes clean down there.