Brit and other celeb..

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  1. Perhaps she's doing this on purpose to sort of "desensitize" the supposed sex tape? I mean, if "it's" no longer a mystery, then k-fed isn't going to get tons of $$ for it.
  2. Is her divorce doing that bad she cant afford a pair of undies?
  3. Oh my God, there's more...


    Seriously, what is wrong with her? Ew.
  4. she's at it again.. [​IMG]

    she better son cover up the judge isnt going to be happy with all this activity when he decides who should have these kids.
  5. Her behavior is really odd. She went from everyone cheering for her when she announced the divorce to everyone jeering at her. She is not making herself look like a good mother. I can't believe her attorney isn't telling her to tone it down. Or maybe she just isn't listening.
  6. :roflmfao:LOL, I had to post this!

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  7. This whole situation is sooooo gross. I can't believe she's a mother of two little babies. She's pathetic, she needs to get her act together and grow up, wearing panties wouldn't hurt either.
  8. Underware and longer skirts...please....before you blind the nation
  9. Look at those paparazzi trying to kneel down to take photos from down there. :rolleyes:
  10. :yucky: excuse me, but I have to join in this time....

    That woman..... with her easy cheese, peroxide burned no real hair on her head, bitten down to the nub fingernails, greazy unshowered night before smeared all over her face makeup, dirty feet, no underwear wearin croch shot stinkin self!!!!!!

    What a sorry excuse..............YUK!:yucky:
  11. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  12. What is wrong with! I don't get it!:yucky:
  13. I actually feel sorry for her - she is obvioulsy extremly fragile at the moment - and very upset about her divorce - she really did love him .. and Paris is taking advantage .... she is just totally lost at the moment -- poor Brit - I still love her
  14. this quote made me laugh so harddddddd!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    dress around their necks, lololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. where is this childs clothes ???
    the old saying you can not change a HOE into a HOUSEWIFE.
    This is ridiculous absoulutely ridiculous for her to be out like this.
    There are lots more women in the world whom haven gotten divorced and had mean cheated to act like this is a don't see kevin around town half naked... where is he ? with his first BABY MAMA and there kids chilling... when he left shar while she was pregnant for her..did shar act out. no she maintained her composure... not acted like a tramp.
    she is still married this does not look good 4 a woman who wnats sole custody of her kids...and there were people who said - naomi did not need to be a mother HA