Brit and other celeb..

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  1. OMG this actually is real, you can see her C-section scar! Just when I thought Brit was dumping the loser and was going to make a comeback she does all of this. She had to want to be photographed like this! Seriously could she wear a shorter T-shirt (as it's obviously not a dress) without undies and then spread her legs in front of the camera!?! Like who wouldnt hold their dress down while getting in and out?

  2. Well, I'm not sure I actually made a connection between Brazilians and being a ho in my post!? :confused1: I was just observing how none of the girls in that group wear undies and how obvious it is! Just as I was observing that none of them have pubic hair there either. :confused1: That's all. Nothing in between the lines there.
  3. I noticed the scar too! But hers looks waaaaay nicer than mine did at 2 months post-partum!
  4. I was joking.

    (But I made that connection because you did say for the Ho Pack underwear isn't allowed and neither is pubic hair. A Brazilian waxes off all the pubic hair.)

    Anyway . . . does anyone else find it odd that we're basically spending an entire thread talking about Britney's crotch?
  5. All I know is, I'd be mortified if someone got a shot of me like that and posted it all over the web for literally everyone in the world to see! You'd think that they would take some basic precautions like wearing undies or a skirt that goes more than a centimeter past your crotch! Obvious stuff to us, but totally lost on them!

    By the way, Caitlin, the Ho Pack part is a reference to how all 3 girls are not exactly known for being chaste and virginal. Gosh, I guess I need to do a better job of reading my posts from every angle lest I be totally misunderstood!
  6. No, you didn't make any connection between Brazilians and being a ho in your post -- it just seemed like you were making a connection between the three. :smile: Some people just chose to read it that way, for whatever reason.

    I was so excited about Britney looking good, but she is really showing her true colors. Especially white. As in white trash. It is really sad when Paris Hilton is trying to get you to act more decent and closing your legs for you!
  7. Arghh! I never really liked Britney's music but I really thought K-Fed was a creep to her. She doesn't seem to want to cover her chest either....
  8. I totally agree! I have been a loyal Britney fan (even through the K-fed years) but now I am just completely appalled and disappointed. It is really sad because Britney has talent (IMO) and flashing her stuff all over the place is obviously a cry for help. I am just baffled by this entire ordeal! It's disgusting!
    Britney, get some help! If not for yourself, for your kids!:wtf:
  9. I'm sorry I misunderstood your post. :flowers:
  10. Thanks Katheryn. I guess that's one of the downsides of posting on the's harder to communicate clearly and it's easy to be misinterpreted. And yes, it is rock bottom when Paris is trying to keep you looking decent. Oy!
  11. :P :heart: We can chalk it up to general Internet confusion. :shame: I bet if we were having this convo IRL it'd be soooo much talk about Britney's crotch. :yucky:
  12. good point starnova:yes:
  13. hohan:lol: so f:censor: in funny!!! but seriously you're right
  14. Not the picture of motherhood thats for sure.
    I noticed the scar too. I guess this is what happens when you're drunk and hanging with Paris :sad:
  15. :wtf: :shocked: