Brit and other celeb..

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  1. wow. :S
  2. Well, technically Britney is a mother of two. But with her hard-partying ways and inability to follow basic safety rules (i.e. baby in lap while in driver's seat, baby falling off high chair, etc), she isn't a "real" mother. She probably has a handful of full-time nannies to do all the mothering for her! I mean, she goes out often enough without the kids that we can easily guess how little time she really spends with them. I'm quite sure she's not there for the daily in's and out's of parenting 2 babies: diapers, spit-up, runny noses, crying, tantrums, etc.

    In contrast, young moms like Reese Witherspoon (who is ALWAYS seen in public with her kids, no nanny in sight) who is never seen out partying or gettin' wild with the likes of Paris or Hohan, makes Britney look even trashier than before! Ugh....Britney is just plain SAD. I feel sorry for her boys.
  3. WHoa! My eyes :wtf:

  4. :roflmfao: exactly what i was thinking.
  5. Exactly! I think that Paris is secretly laughing behind Brits back and is just pushing her to see how far she can go. Sad and pathetic really. With friends like that, who needs enemies?
  6. she needs to stay away from Paris, Oh my lord..
    [​IMG] Britney Spears exposes her pussy to the paparazzi while out with Paris and Linds (11/27/06)
  7. what is wrong with this girl..

    [​IMG] Britney Spears exposes her pussy to the paparazzi while out with Paris and Linds (11/27/06)
  8. Looks like she got the "Telly Savalas" special down there.
    Britney! Be a role model for your kids! They will see these pictures someday!
    What has happened to a little modesty, mystery and class? What does this teach the young kids who see this?:cursing:

  9. The bottom one is obviously Britney. The top one, though, I think is Lindsay.
  10. Jackson Blue (a Kiss 108 dj out of Boston) does Celebrity Dirt every day.

    This is his report about Britney.
  11. Well, it appears to be a rule. If you're hanging with the Ho Pack (Paris, La Hohan, Brit) undies are not allowed. Neither is pubic hair, apparently. :rolleyes:
  12. Haha, let's get something clear: Getting Brazilians doesn't make them hos. Showing everybody their Brazilian does.
  13. ^^^SO TRUE!!:roflmfao:
  14. eewwww!!! :throwup: there's even a pic of paris holding brit's legs closed...even paris is telling her to take it easy...don't know whats wrong with brit!
  15. Yeah seriously!