Brit and other celeb..

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  1. Is there are reason why they have NO clue how to get out of car?
    I mean its not difficult to get out without your dress ending up around your neck

  2. Does she not have any undies on? :sick:
  3. OK its the 2nd time her ****** appears since she filed for divorce .. its maybe paris's influence? LOOOOL
  4. I read that this pic was photoshopped, but who knows.
  5. It looks photoshopped IMO. It looks smudged.
  6. ^^ I think so too
  7. OI!

  8. Yikes, that is more Brit than I ever wanted to see!
  9. aahahahaha
  10. yeuuw yeuw yeuwwwwwww
  11. In these last couple of weeks I have lost ALL respect I once had for Britney..(and she was my ABSOLUTE favorite.) I dont think that she shoudl be partying like Lindsay and Paris if she expects her comeback to be great. Because all she is doing is pissing off her fans like me and just making her look worse than Fed Ex. which i thought was impossible. makes me want to go off and buy Kevin's c.d. just in spite. (just kidding)
  12. She has to know that her "stuff" is hanging out for everyone to see!!! She can't be that naive and I don't think that she is! Dumb maybe but naive never! What I don't get is why her hair extensions still look so bad???? At least if you are going to hang with someone like Paris at least get something out of it, like getting some tips on how to wear your hair extensions!
  13. Okay seriously is that supposed to be a dress!?! Her ass cheeks are hagning out all over the place. She is a freaking Mother of two children! What is wrong with her!>!:cursing: Paris looks like a sweetheart compared to her in that picture! :wtf:

  14. that picture is painful to look at. it is sad that paris looks like the girl next door compared to her!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sure she doesnt know what to do with the failed marraige, and all the attention, but showing off celluilite and hanging out with trash like paris is probably not the best way to make a come back!
  15. I thought I was the only one who found this attire inappropriate for a mother?!?! :s

    Paris isn't her friend, a real friend wouldn't let you go out looking like a skank ho!