Brit and Kev looking good! Yes you read that right!!

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  1. Wow after that Las Vegas thread of ugly, she looks totally different. Her hair looks so cute all short in curls. Slightly Marilyn Monroe like.
  2. i :love: :love: :love: her new hair! i wish my stupid layers would grow out so i could do something similar.

    she does look skinnier...if she's not pg i bet the rumours got to her. you can garuntee that if i had a boucoup bazillion dollars and there were pg rumours floating around about me when i wasn't, i would have my butt in the gym or with a trainer six days a week. :smile:
  3. Wow he definitely looks better!!!!
  4. Wow, how can she look that much thinner so quickly? Hey, did anyone notice if she had shoes on?

    She does look good though.
  5. She looks infinitely better. More mature and glam too. Perhaps somebody finally told her that it's be a good idea to stop looking like trash if she wants to keep a career!

    Kudos to her for shaping up. I don't like K-Fed, although he is looking more respectable.
  6. Agreed!
  7. i've always liked britney, ever since her debut, and i'm so glad she's starting to look a little more presentable
    i think kevin's bad for her though, the freeloading little twat
  8. i wonder if she hired herself a stylist
    might be one of the best decisions of her career if she did...
  9. She still needs to start wearing a bra or she's gonna have spaniels ears in a few years time!