Brit and Kev looking good! Yes you read that right!!

  1. Okay, so is it just me or do they both look really good here. Yes, I can't quit Britney, I have TRIED. I know she's done some stupid crap but I still can't be hatin on her :P

    Kev looks SO much better with short hair!
    brit.jpg brit2.jpg brit3.jpg brit4.jpg
  2. Yay! Slowly but surely my Britney is coming back!

    PS: I know how you feel! Everyone is like.."You like Britney still!?" I just can't lose hope on her!
  3. Never hate Brit.. I dislike Kev though.. I think he is destroying her life.. bringing her down with him..
  4. I'm so glad I'm not alone :shame:
  5. They don't look bad there but that's why they pay their stylists thousands of dollards, so they can look good. Where were they before?! :smile:
  6. wow, she looks skinnier in the larger pic with the umbrella. also very nice. I think that she'll always be a symbol of white trash though. :smile:
  7. I'll always love Brit. :smile:
  8. Is that a new pic or an old one ??
  9. These pics are spankin new, of them leaving Koi last night :smile:
  10. Is it me or does she look slimmer (possibly not preggers) in those pics than the ones of her in Maui a few weeks ago?
  11. ^ she does look slimmer. I am honestly shocked,Brit and Kev acutally look decent.
  12. that's britney!?!? damn it looks like a whole different personnn!!! :nuts:
  13. Thank goodness she is looking better.
  14. Kevin looks a whole lot better now that he cut off his stupid looking hair ! And Britney is definitely looking more.. polished. I wonder how long this is going to last though !
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