Bristol Satchel Available on the Q

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  1. Hey, the Bristol is finally up on QVC! She's on a 5 easy pay. No red or white with tan trim available though. So it's looking like she will be presented on the next set of shows. I can't get the link to copy over, sorry. The item number is A252397.$uslarge$
  2. This is SO very tempting! If I didn't have my heart set on my HG bag that I have been saving for and am so close to getting, I would order one right now! I do hope someone orders one so we can get a review and some pics...
  3. Lol I was going to post the same thing! Super cute and the easy pay is super-tempting! Great minds think alike, TB :smile:
  4. I hope we see some pictures here too. I am just curious about the bag. I probably won't order it either, because the double pocket satchel is on ILD for $100 less. That might be my new violet bag instead. Decisions, decisions.... If I could only win the lottery :smile:
  5. I love that pocket bag in violet! Looking forward to the pictures, if you decide on it :smile:
  6. Will do. I'm seriously thinking about it.
  7. That Bristol is so cute. I was hoping Dooney would do that bag in Florentine. I noticed that style (or very close to it) in the pebbled leather and really liked it. I want a Chestnut one. I absolutely must have something in DB's Florentine Chestnut. It's just too pretty.
  8. :ghi5:

  9. The chestnut is gorgeous. I have yet to own a Dooney in chestnut myself. Someday.....
  10. Hmmmm...the Bristol is a Hot Pick today. :graucho:
  11. I am waiting to see this one too :smile:
  12. Me too, Darcy. I want to see the presentation.
  13. I think it may be on the Lisa Robertson show tonight :smile:
  14. Well in that case, I'll wait till the video is up. :roflmfao:

  15. Thanks! I'll probably tune in....the party animal that I am...