Brique versus Electrique Mini Messenger Bag

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  1. I am planning my next purchase and was hoping for opinions on the color. I have decided to 'downsize' what I carry these days and plan on getting the mini messenger bag. Any opinions on brique versus electrique. Which color would be perfect for everyday.

    Thanks for any feedback you can give me!
  2. In the bag you provided the link too, Brique is not available. Do you mean another color?

    The bag is quite cute.

    As for color, I do like the Electrique. It will be terrific this spring and summer. In the fall and winter, I like it with black. Will be a nice pop. i'm not sure if the shade of blue will work well with brown and grey (I think it will) but you'll have to verify that.

    I have a Brique Cervo Hobo and think the color is really fabulous. But it's decidedly FW (atleast in Cervo). In the woven, it is a bit lighter but I'm not sure how well it would wear with yellow, pinks and other summery shades.
  3. I agree with Grietje. Electrique blue is a beautiful color which is wonderful for spring and summer. I heard from my SA that it is the most popular color of the season.

    Menthe is a nice color if you like dark green. I have tried it in a medium veneta. I wear a lot of neutral and dark clothes and the color goes very well. Unfortunately medium veneta is too small for my stuff. I wish I can downsize what I carry.

    Hope you decide on the color soon.:smile:

  4. Hi, P!

    I love my mini messenger but usable size is a bit smaller than measurements may seem. If you want more information and pics, just email!

    Oh, I love the electrique ;)
  5. I saw the handbag in brique on I was leaning towards the electrique first until I saw the brique. The electrique really seems to go with a lot once you put against other items.

    I thought maybe I could save a few dollars by buying the brique, but am now thinking the blue really fits into my wardrobe better.
  6. Thanks for the offer of more pictures. I am in CA on business and was able to stop by a BV boutique and actually see it in person. Had I not seen it in person I would have never considered it. But I think that I am actually going to make it a 'wallet' and carry my other 'stuff' in a tote. I can then put this in my tote when I need to carry more.

    I think that I am going to pull the trigger and buy the electrique when I get back home.
  7. I didn't realize that it was the most popular color, thanks for that information.

    I was indifferent to the color at first but by time I left the store, it really grew on me. Now 5 days later I can't get it out of my mind, so that must be my sign to buy!