brintee's 5 Star Reveal

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  1. Sorry for the not-so-creative title, but there are 5 stars to this show so thats the best I could come up with. :P Some of these I know you all have seen before, but I figured we could all use a fun little reveal on this Monday Morning! :biggrin: Hopefully this will be the last shoe purchases I make before my NYC trip...but we will see what happens! Lol. And on with the show...

  2. Yay a live one! Bring it on!!:popcorn:
  3. i wont torture you ladies....


  4. Omg!!! Ahhhh!! Strip strip strip !

    I NEED Declics!!!! AWESOME sale finds!!!
  5. GORGEOUS!!! i LOVE them all, especially the magenta suede declics!!!!! :cloud9:
  6. Pink Yoyos from Sak's final cut!


    Ivory Lillians also from Sak's final cut!

  7. Holy moly, lady! What a lot of gorgeousness! Definitely 5-star worthy!!! :sweatdrop:
  8. Brintee I love them all! How about some modeling shots please.
  9. Magenta Suede Declics, NM


    Black Suede Declics, Saks.
    Is it just me or does the sides of these look like they aren't cut as low as the Magenta ones?

  10. Pewter New Simples, ebay find!

  11. Yay!! Nothing better than a Monday morning reveal!! What a way to start the week!:yahoo:
    Love your shoes Brintee. Great colors and great styles!

    Thank you so much for sharing them!!:flowers:
  12. brintee - is it time to start a collection thread??!?!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    if i remember correctly, you have some pretty amazing pairs now!
  13. The magenta's do look a little lower cut than the blacks. Chalk one up for handmade:nuts: They are super sexy anyway!!
  14. Thanks brintee! what a wonderful reveal!! Love the magenta suede declics!!!
  15. And the modeling shots, I apologize for how crappy they are, I didnt have anyone to take them for me. :P

    These and the Yoyos are going to need some stretching, but they will be perfect after that :smile: