Bringing Personal Items to Work

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  1. My boss is weird and is always telling me not to bring my bag and I am always telling her back that it has my valuable items inside and I can't leave it at home or in the car. If my car was broken into while I'm at work obviously she's not going to reimburse me for the damages so my purse has to be near me at all times.

    It's a tokidoki bella (think small hobo) and it carries my most important stuff (SSN, credit cards, $$) and I really don't want to leave it at home in case my room mate decides to steal from me or I have a home invasion

    She never tells any of my other co workers not to bring their items (magazines/book, smokes, etc) but it's always my purse -.- If she does it next time should I cry equal rights?
  2. And what if your bag is stolen at work? Would you hold your employer accountable?
  3. Bring your purse where? To meetings with you or simply to your own office space? What reasoning does she give?

    I bring my purse with me to my office and leave it on the corner of my desk all day.
  4. Thats kinda weird. We have to keep personal items in our workspaces but nothing at all? Strange.
  5. That's strange! What field do you work in? I can understand her not wanted you to bring a pricey bag in if you work in retail and you do not have access to locked cubbies or a secure storage space.
  6. I am a supervisor and I couldn't imagine telling one of my girls not to bring their bag in with them; especially if it wasn't causing them to be less productive. I assume she carries a bag......where does she keep hers?
  7. What in the world? What kind of office/industry are you in? I thought you would be writing about like picture frames or something (from the title of this thread), not a handbag. A purse naturally goes everywhere you go: meetings outside of the office, etc. Why wouldn't you bring it?? Odd....
  8. I'm not worried about my bag being stolen at work, I keep it in the same place everyday, in a basket, on a shelf, right behind where I stand for my entire shift and I'm always watching it.
    One time it disappeared from the basket because my stupid boss touched it and moved it otherwise my co-workers are not thieves and don't touch my stuff and vice versa.

    We have a multi tier locker but all my other co workers are using it and it's located in the kitchen where all the grease and fumes are - I don't want my bag getting damaged so I'm quite happy keeping it up front with me

    I've actually never seen my boss with a bag before - she's in her store for like 5 minutes and she's gone
  9. I work in a restaurant :smile:

    It's like a cellphone - you gotta have one on you at all times but it's not like my purse is on my shoulder it's stored away but whenever my boss sees it she picks it up and tries to tell me not to bring it
  10. wth?what is with your boss???????

    u could always tell your boss u have really bad periods and need to have your personal girl stuff on hand and if THAT is a problem,U really have an issue!!thats almost discriminating against females IMHO.
  11. Jill - I just may have to use that excuse next time lol

    this isn't the first time I've had this issue with her but I try not to escalate the problem - first I thought that maybe the customers wouldn't like to see my bag but I get plenty of comments from Tokidoki fans =) but I think she just likes to pick on me >.< Almost everyday day I'm working she is never there! When she is it'll be 5 minutes top and of course she'll find time to pick on my poor little bag
  12. Are you a waitress? If so, I agree with your boss that I find it odd for you to carry around your purse as you take orders and serve dishes. It would just look a little funny, perhaps not in line with the general aesthetic of the restaurant? Pardon me if I'm mistaken...
  13. Of course that would look funny :smile: I'm a waitress but when I clock in my purse goes to it's storage basket and doesn't come out until I'm done with my shift
  14. Well, I wouldn't advise bringing your social security card everywhere you go with your purse. If it gets stolen, you could suffer from identity theft.

    That said, my favorite pastry chef told me she had her ipod stolen once while she was catering a party. I guess it's not easy when you work in food services to keep track of your things since you can't take your purse with you everywhere.
  15. yeah in your friend's case it seems pretty difficult to keep track of stuff - I even misplace my bag in my own house sometimes lol
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