Bringing in Louis

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  1. This is not a promo and we will not mention the site, but we would appreciate your opinions.

    We are bringing in a few authentic Louis Vuittons to our online boutique. First time ever. They are authentic, are not readily available, and are new. We have had them authenticated by MyPoupette. I know we are going to get grief from those who say "LVs are not available online except at eLuxury." Any suggestions on how we can make our potential customers feel comfortable? We are not comfortable publishing the date codes (for obvious reasons) and, frankly, our photography skills are not up to showing clear photos of those number even if we wanted to (one of them would require a robot to reach =)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. I think you should have detail pics, safe payment options, return policy, satisfaction guarantee.
    Where did you get "not readily available LVs?
    To be honest I won't buy from non reputable website no matter how good the pics are. Bait and Switch is common practice. By the way, why aren't you comfortable to publish the date code?? People want to make sure they will receive the exact bag.

    Some fake website are using the pics from real bag and people will receive fake bags.

    Most website selling LVs have store at eBay, people know them and know they are reliable.
    Great reputation in selling authentic LV is the key..
  3. Be sure to take any pics that the potential buyer asks for. Usually in the authentication board, the motto is "No pics= NO buy".

    Please be sure to take close detailed pics of: front/back/bottom/sides/top of bag, interior, handles/straps, hardware, zipper pulls, trademark heat stamp [Louis Vuitton Paris made in _________], date code, dust bag, and box.
  4. And get a top of the line digital camera. And learn how to use it. Yes, you can get CRYSTAL clear pics of date codes.
  5. If you have an online business, not being able to take good pics is not an excuse I would buy.

    If I can take decent photos with my less than 200, digital camera that is 3 years old...come on...

    No substitutions for good photos. A liberal return policy will help, and of course pleased customers will go far.
  6. Pics from EVERY angle.
  7. C'mon, you can't seriously think there is a danger to publish photos of the date codes!
  8. I agree with everything said above, determining authenticity from a few pics of the outside of the bag is not always easy, pics of the date code and heatstamps should be provided to any customer interested in purchasing a bag. Even with a very basic digital camera, you can get clear photos of the datecode and heatstamp--you just need to use the macro setting. If you don't want other people stealing your photos, all you have to do is watermark them--it's not very difficult and there are several programs out there.
  9. take millions of pictures, and also, show that your bags are mypoupete authenticated, and have a good return policy.
  10. Every reputable LV seller started somewhere =)
  11. Have you ever tried photographing the date code on a Lucille? =) We will try, we promise.
  12. We stand corrected. An eBayer seller (seemingly highly respected on TPF) told us never to publish the date code becasue of counterfeiters. Who knows? We will provide the codes to anyone who asks (seems a little paranoid to us. . . so, what if a counterfeiter asks????? =) LOL

    Thank you all for your input so far. It is really helpful and we appreciate it.
  13. I did everything said above, but my auction was still canceled by eBay. :cursing::shrugs: (Are you going to sell them on eBay?)

    edit: oops I just saw you said the on line boutique, so you r not selling them on ebay. Sorry , my fault!
  14. This seller did it, I'm sure you can do it too! [​IMG]
    Clear pics of every small detail on the bags are the selling point of most of them, especially if the seller is still starting out and doesn't have many customers. Good luck! :flowers:
  15. I can take the pic of the datecode by my old, half-broken, and only 3 megapixel digital problem with it.