Bringing Balenciaga to Disneyland

  1. Okay so hear me out first...

    I just got two new Bals and I desperately want to take one with me on my trip to LA (which includes Disneyland and the SD Zoo). I want to take my brand new White Box.

    I'll be there for just about 4 days, and during the daytime when I'm not doing anything but shopping and sight-seeing, I want to look my best (hence the White box).

    And when I go on rides, I have every intention of taking the purse with me, not leaving it in a cubby or on the ground (yikes!) somewhere. Do you ladies think I can take the bag with me onto the roller coasters?! I mean, hold it in my lap or something? They can't make me put it down, can they? :p How many actual "rollercoasters" are there in Disneyland in Anaheim anyways... aren't they all kiddy rides?

    There will be NO leaving her in a hotel room, that's not even an option.

    I've been torn over this for a few days now, weighing the options. I hope someone out there understands! My Box is new and I want to use it damn it! It's also a good chance to be sighted for the "Balenciaga sighting thread" Hehe. :supacool:
  2. ohh I'm thinking that they will not let you bring the purse on the rollercoaster. Especially if it goes upsidedown. You do have the option of having someone you trust to hold your bag or not go on the ride. Congrats on your TWO bags care to share with some piccies?:graucho:
  3. I forgot to specify, this trip is a romantic thing. Its just gonna be my boyfriend and I, so there will be no one able to hold the bag.

    I suppose you're right about the rollercoaster thing. But I've seen people with fanny packs around their hips, so I was just thinking I could treat the Box the same way.

    I don't know what I'm thinking, really. :shrugs:

    (Oh yeah, I'll post pics of the White Box soon, already posted pics of Vert Deau Day a few days ago!)
  4. You can take whatever you like with you on the ride, as long as it's secured. There are absolutely no restrictions about size (or cost) of bags! Even on the roller coasters which go upside down, people just take their bags on. I would just recommend tucking it on the floor and holding it snug with your feet!

    I am an annual passholder and I'm there every 2 weeks....and I have never been asked to relinquish my personal property for any reason.

    Just spent the day at the SD Zoo today. I did not see ANY Bbags - just diaper bags, LOL! But there are pretty much no situations where you'd have to leave your bag someplace. Just watch out for the bathrooms - some of them can be kind of nasty.

    Have a wonderful time!
  5. Hey girl - Like luvmygirls0, I am also a resident and native of CA who has a lot of experience with D-land, and I have always just kept my bag on my lap holding onto it with dear life - and I mean DEAR LIFE darling! If you can be very careful to lock your hands through the straps then I say take it with you and enjoy!! I would!!
  6. Another So Cal girl here, who has logged many Disney hours. I can't imagine taking my bbags there, but then again- I'm always there as a mommy, and items of varying degrees of stickiness often end up in my bag. It would be different if I was there with just my honey, though, and could pay more attention to keeping my bag safe. You should be okay. Still - stickyness abounds at Disneyland. Beware of dripping popsicles!
  7. there aren't any upside down roller coasters in disneyland....

    i say bring it. It is your romantic trip and if you will feel even more special on it with your white box, then go for it!

    Maybe bring another "throwaround" bag too, to take to the actual park, I am sure it wont be a problem to put your Bal in a safe, or a locked suitcase, hidden in a closet.
  8. oh wait i guess in the california adventure park there is...but not disneyland.
  9. Eep, I wouldn't do it. Given the number of times I've seen people lose shoes and other smaller accessories, I just wouldn't risk it. If you decide to take it, be sure to avoid gum on the floor!

    P.S. - Most hotels have a "safe" of some kind for guests' valuables. You could put your Balenciaga's in the house safe while you're out on more "hazardous" day trips (ie Disneyland).
  10. Take it with you !!!
    Your bag is meant for you to ENJOY!!!
    And you would be lonely without her :crybaby:
    Well, except for your BF :p
  11. Take a carrier bag and pop it in when you go on the rides to keep it clean if you have to put it on the floor..
  12. I wouldn't take the white Box with me since it'll probably get dirty especially at Disneyland. For some reason, every time I go to Disney, I always come home sticky and having my bag sticky too.
  13. I would take the bag with you on the trip but not to disneyland. You want to have fun with your bf not worrying about hundreds of people coming in contact with your brand new WHITE bag. Think about the time you could save knowing it was safe in your room and not getting sticky,dirty stains it. If you go to the zoo it should be ok.
  14. Not sure about Disneyland.. They might MAKE you leave it in those boxes for security reasons, and you do NOT want that..
  15. Just tell me which ride and what time so i can stand underneath it and catch your WHITE BOX :yahoo::yahoo::roflmfao: