Bringing back Wine from Italy and Paris

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  1. Hey Everyone,
    Next month I'll be going to Florence and Paris for a few days. I'm 20 years old and I know that in Europe I am more than legal to drink and buy bottles of wine, but I am wondering if I allowed to bring wine back in my suitcase. I wanted to get some bottles to bring back for christmas time.
  2. At the very least you have to check whether your country of arrival will impose any taxes on ur importing alcohol. Usually the airports will give an allowance of 1-2 bottles and anymore than specified amount will incur import duties. Also given the strict 100ml rule (unless sealed up in a vacuum bag purchased from a duty free shop within the airport) you will have to check ur bottles into ur luggage so there may be fears of breakage if not packed properly.
  3. It's not advisable to check wine in a suitcase. In addition to breakage can affect the cork. given the change in altitude thus thinner air, the seal created by the cork can be compromised. So your wine can get "corked." If you plan to drink the wine right after you land, it would not be an issue. But it are cellaring/aging, I would not check wine.

    when i visit a winery, I have just have them ship to me - its a small price to pay to avoid a disaster