Bringing back Leopard Calf Hair!!

  1. I really wanted that material in the Diego :sad:

  2. I do too! I'm hope there will be more styles to choose from....there usually are.;) I lost my leopard alla wedges to my mastiff puppy a few weeks ago:crybaby:. I would love another pump in this leopard too.
  3. Awww i love, love, love mastiff doggies, so cute that you have a puppy, i hope he/she didn't get in too much trouble with mama for destroying those lovely wedges? :angel:
  4. No, he didn't get into any trouble. Mom should have put them away and put out some balls for him to play with. Dogs chew on our things because the item smells like us, and they love us:love:. It's never malicious.
  5. Oh of course not, when my staffy was a puppy she liked to chew on things whilst we were out, she never got into any trouble with us, i blamed myself for leaving things where she had access to them, i am just a big softy when it comes to animals though :heart:
    I hope that you manage to replace the shoes with something else that you love just as much :hugs: