Bring out your Sedarabys! (pictures, please!)

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  1. Show us pictures of your Manolo Sedarabys! (I'm inspired by Tats - I'd never seen those ones before.)

    On my Sedaraby wishlist: camouflage! I came very close to buying them at the NYC boutique, but the bling ornament was NOT the usual white rhinestone oval (which I love, especially on that shoe) - it was a single row of large brown rhinestone.

    Here are mine...

    Attached Files:

  2. Oh these are gorgeous! I've never seen sedarabys in this print .... ME LIKEY!!!:tup:
  3. :wtf: wow!
    That is gorgeous!

    I always want a pair but only can enjoy others since I have bunions :crybaby:
  4. reaally nice. I like your pedicure too. What's the nail color? [​IMG]