Bring on the venting - Venting about the gym, etc.

  1. Feeling really self conscious because I think I am a smelly person... :sad:
  2. I'm sure your not. :p
  3. 1) People who wear the same gym clothes everyday - how do I know? I can smell it. It smells like wet dog + old sweat.

    2) People that run like an elephant on the treadmill - drowns out any music and is a huge distraction.

    3) People that stare at you. I go to the gym to sweat and yes it's not pretty - so move alonggg nothing to seee here.
  4. This thread cracks me up 99% of the postings here is exactly what annoys the heck out of me.

    I really like lululemon clothes, but it drives me crazy when the girls come in wearing "everything" from lululemon.

    You see them coming in with the lululemon gym bag, wearing the grove pant, tee, and scuba hoodie. They change into the grove crop, sports bra, tank & socks. Put their hair in a high ponytail, put on the way to tight slipless lulu headband which makes them look like they got an forehead & eyebrow lift. Then trot into the gym with their lulu waterbottle and stand around taking up space while yakking with their lulu friends who have the exact clothes, but in a different color.
  5. 1. people somehow think that not washing their workout clothes is cool . you smell like poo.

    2. people who are obviously sweating dont wipe down machines. ew.

    3. girls who constantly look at the miles youve run and the calories youve burned. last time i checked, you were on YOUR treadmill, not mine.
  6. I've got a shocker for you guys...

    I once saw a lady shaving her private bits in plain view in front of the locker area (wasn't the shower area or anything). She was wearing a bikini, simply yanked her bikini bottom aside, and got busy. :sick: I was walking to the sinks to wash my hands after a workout and got a glance as she was doing it. Soooo disgusting.
  7. ^^:faint::faint:
    Wow! That is really disgusting.
  8. I thought of another, Those really obnoxious people that take classes and woop and scream every five seconds.
    Especially in the Zumba/cardio dance classes! They're the worst when it comes to obnoxious people.
  9. I watched this guy during my weight training circuit today sit for a good 15 mins just reading his darn magazine at the ab crunch machine. We only have two crunch machines at my gym and most of the time they're occupied. That is not a lounge seat.
  10. I can't stand when women get on the treadmill, elevate it to like 10 so its super steep, crank the speed up, grab onto the handles for dear life, and then attempt to walk super fast even though holding onto the handles completely defeats the point of walking annoying
  11. This, I think, is my #1 pet peeve. I see this one girl at my gym who so clearly only comes to watch TV. I know this because she goes so slowly that her machine pauses and then restarts every 5 minutes or so. It bugs me because even with headphones, I can hear the beeping while she restarts entering her weight and time etc. Granted the gym is not busy, but its small. Some people don't seem to realize that just spending time inside the gym does not help your health. :p
  12. -The machines don't need a babysitter, so either use it or GTFO my way so I can use it
    -I am not thinking about you so WTF do you keep staring at me, I don't come to the gym to look cute, I come there to work out
    -I don't need you to correct my form, I got this
    -Now you wanna pay attention to me and try to talk to me, after seeing me come here for the last year and losing XX # of pounds. Don't be mad because I am ignoring you because you damn sure had no problems ignoring me when I was heavier
    -There are 7 other EMPTY ellipticals/treadmills down the row, wtf you gotta get on the one RIGHT NEXT TO ME?!?!?!?!
    -Grunting while lifting is not going to make your muscles bigger
    -Sometimes my ipod is on, sometimes it's not, but my earbuds are always in so I can act like I don't hear when the truth of the matter is I really don't want to be bothered
  13. I completely agree KAOTIC!!!
  14. Don't like it when I wipe off the machine so I can use it and on the wipe I see brown nasty sweat(?) or dirt(?) I shudder to think about the previous user's personal hygiene!
  15. Amen!