Bring on the sun!

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  1. I got my eyes checked today and got my new prescription sunnies. I actually wasn't sold on the COACH, but these did look the best. I can't wait to pick them up next week!

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  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, I'm drooling!!! Lucky you girl!!!! Lovin' them!
  3. thaaaank you insurance!!!!!! Lol.
  4. Lucky duck! I can't wait for my vision insurance to kick in so I can get some new glasses/sunglasses.
  5. Wow!!! Prescription sunnies. I am so totally jealous. I want coach sunnies too.
  6. that's pretty!!
  7. Actually, they are kind of very necessary so I don't crash my car and hurt my children. I get pres. sunnies once every 2 years and this is the first year my dr. had carried COACH. Honestly, with glasses I am all about what is comfortable and looks the best and COACH just happened to be it. Since they are prescription, if they look ridiculous when I model them, don't tell me. I don't want to know. It will be too late. :yes:
  8. I bet you will look cute in your coach sunnies. :tup:
    I am not legally allowed to drive in the state of TX without glasses. I like my glasses to be cute and stylish, plus it is nice if I can see clearly. :P I hope I can find some cute prescription coach sunnies too. Unfortunately where I live there is a shortage of coach anything. :tdown:
  9. Hmmm, I am not familiar with Texas (although my dream in life is to be a cowgirl if that counts), but anyway, I might call around and see if anyone could special order them for you. I know my doc can. He is an independent opthamologist (I can never spell this correctly-I give up) as apposed to a chain. I bet you can find an independent that has them or will order them. Another option is to buy the frames and have an opthamologist (spelled it wrong again LOL) make the lenses. Many of them will do that.
  10. you are so lucky you found a pair that fits you well! When I went to the eye dr. in April, I tried so hard to find a pair of coach sunnies that fit well...alas, it wasn't meant to be (thank goodness too, even with insurance, they wanted to charge me $400 ALONE for the lenses...)
  11. wow those are amazing. i really should get me a pair of coach especially while they are on sale at tjm. which ones did you get the top or bottom?
  12. My first Coach item was my prescription Sunnies! I love them, its nice to have a great pair of sunglasses that I can wear and be able to see clearly as I don't wear contacts. I hadn't even chosen them based on their being Coach, they just looked the most like the pair I had lost.
    The insurance is a bit of a help too. :tup:
  13. Yes, it counts if you dream of being a cowgirl. :yes: I sometimes wish I could be a cowgirl but I have don't live out in the country. Plus my hubby says I am too much of a city slicker to ride a horse.:nuts:
    It is time to for me to get my annual eye exam. Maybe I can locate some coach sunnies when I get my eyes checked. I may have to drive 2 hours to DFW to get a pair.
    Anyways your sunnies are gorgeous.:woohoo:
  14. Congrats, I got LASIK in May and got my first pair of Coach Sunnies, you will love them!!