Bring my bag to a boutique to get it authenticated, possible?

  1. Hello,

    I heared so many times that people bring their bags to a Boutique and get it authenticated.
    I would like to try that with my bag.
    But I feel a bit weird and I don't know exactly how to approach them.
    Do I just ask the sales people if they can tell me if this bag is authentic? Do I tell them where I bought it?

    It would be great if someone could give me a tip or tell if you had good experience with that.

    Thank you very much
  2. I think I would take the bag in person and march right up to the counter, and ask away. The worst thing in the world they can do to you is whisk you out the door with a broom! ;) Just do it!
  3. Honestly it depends on what kind of bag it is.
    Prada and LV won't authenticate bags...won't tell you if they are fake or not. Depending on the employee coach stores can be helpful. I would try and find out if the specific designer does it before maching in with your bag...
    what do you have?
  4. I tried with a Gucci bag a while back too, and Gucci won't do it either. Another option is taking it to Saks or Neiman Marcus. I have found some very knowledgeable SAs there. The staff during the day shifts tend to be more educated on the products. I suggest telling the SA that you got the item as a gift and are uncertain of authenticity. I wouldn't go into any further details.
  5. and you could always pop it on the authenticate threads here to try and help put your mind at rest :smile:
  6. I've heard some stores do that, even LV does.
  7. I just came back from getting a bag authenticated at LV. I walked right up to the SA and asked if she could authenticate it. She asked where I got it and I told her from a MPRS (She said that was a good decision). After inspecting the bag, she told me it was real & I got a good deal. She was very nice to me & had no problem authenticating it.
  8. LV authenticated a bag for me as well (and quickly confirmed my fears that the bag I had bought online was a fake!). The manager offered his business card and said if my seller had any issues with refunding my money, they could call him and he'd let them know that it was a fake. I found the manager and sales team very helpful, they didn't turn their nose up at me for buying such an awful fake or anything! (I did end up getting my money back, whew!)
  9. Thats great the staff was so helpful! If the companies want to crack down on fakes than they should be helpful to the people who want to only own the authentic merchandise and aunthenticating is the best way to do that. Why would a store not authenticate? I mean if your going to the store to begin with to get an authentication than you are obviously concerned to carry to only authentic bags
  10. depends what kind of bag, and where you go...I only know LV, and they won't put anything in may get lucky and get a nice SA to tell you , but nothing in ink!