Bring It! Dance show from Lifetime

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  1. Okay, I've never watched any dance-related reality tv shows but somehow ended up watching Bring It! Is anyone else watching this?

    It features a dance squad in Jackson, MS and they compete in majorette competitions. I don't know much about that dance culture, but I do know one of my homegirls was on a dance squad in high school and she came from Jackson...

    Anyway, the show was interesting. I, oddly enough, liked the coach, Ms. Diana. She admitted to making some mistakes in her past and sees herself as a role model to help her girls learn how to get through life. I liked her tough love approach, even though it didn't always sit well with the moms.

    Well, anyone watching?

    Anyone familiar with that culture?

    What do you think?
  2. So what is a majorette competition?? I have always associated majorette with baton twirling but I know these girls are dancing. I caught about 20 minutes of the first episode. I will watch it again if I catch it on but I won't DVR it.

  3. Majorettes in the south don't baton twirl (maybe a couple) but they know how to twirk and drop it like its hot.
  4. This is my new show, I love it! It reminds me of the majorettes in college and the drill teams when I was younger.
  5. Ah, I know little to nothing about these competitions.

    I do know that I found the dancing to be a bit mature for my taste but was wondering if that was because of my unfamiliarity.
  6. Ah, got it.
  7. [QU OTE=Aluxe;26393126]Ah, I know little to nothing about these competitions.

    I do know that I found the dancing to be a bit mature for my taste but was wondering if that was because of my unfamiliarity.[/QUOTE]

    Only saw previews and i agree with you. The little girls dance moves were too mature for me too.
  8. Did anyone watch episode 2?

    Oh my, the drama...
  9. I watch this show. I lived in South and we never had anything like this had we I would have joined a dance team like this. The only think we had was clogging and country line dancing...I chose country line dancing.
  10. You sent me agoogling to figure out what clogging is. So, from my lay man's understanding, its a little bit of tap, a little bit of river dance and whatever the dancer wants to throw into it?

    Gosh, I'm not going to get off Youtube at this point, because now I have discovered flat footing, buck dancing (watching emmylou harris just made me smile guess its the little things...). Its all so fascinating.

    Anyway, what do you think about Bring It? There seemed to be something fishy about that last competition.
  11. I saw the previews but didn't think much of it because I'm not into dance reality couldn't pay me to watch Dance Moms. But a friend told me about the show today and I'm watching (the first episode...I think) on On Demand.

    It is soooooo extra!!!! I don't know where to begin. The dancing is very mature. That's sad to me. And yes, I know we live in provocative times, but still. The twerking and booty popping, and hard? Way too much for my taste.

    I am going to stick with it though. I'm hoping that I get to an episode where Ms. Diana begins to connect the dots to things other than dancing, such as being healthy and studying hard (earning good grades) to name a few.
  12. I love this show. (I love anything that has to do with dancing!)

    Yes, I think the dancing is kind of racy, but I guess I chalk that up to the fact that a lot of their dancing is based on African dancing.

    And, if you saw last week's episode, if you thought the Dancing Dolls were racy, you should have seen how the Divas of Olive Branch were dancing during their street battle.

    This is interesting: 10 Reasons Dance Moms Fans Should Watch Bring It

  13. I like to think she does this already, but I completely agree. I hope there is an emphasis on this and much more. Whether the show's producers will let us in on those discussions, who knows.

    I do wish that in addition to the dance and stretching, which they have shown, there was a focus on exercise to develop more strength and tone. And, to set the kids up with an idea of how to train their bodies physically in a way that will help keep them healthy, whether or not they continue dancing.
  14. Thanks for sharing the IB Times article. Interesting to see that this show is in Nielsen's Top 100. I would assume with all the stuff to watch on tv, that would be a great accomplishment.

    The raciest aspects of their dance, in my opinion, is tied to hip hop/modern dance styles, more so than African dance (if I may make that distinction). Traditional African dance (across the continent as far as I have observed and participated in) does not require women to spread their legs wide open and thrust forward with the pelvis. At least not while keeping ones legs wide open. It would be deemed too provocative even in this day and age. Now, if we are at the club with dim lights....well, we all know how that can go down. :lol:

    Now the moves the Divas of Olive Branch were doing in the last episode? Good Lord! I thought I was watching a hip hop video from that era when the objectification of women was at a peak. (Don't know what happens now). Well, I think that their coach has done them a great disservice.