Bring Back the Brooch!

  1. Where have all the brooches gone? Am I the only one wearing this jewelry piece? I have some gold, SS and costume pieces that I love, but I get comments like "WOW, I haven't seen anyone wearing a PIN in a long time!" or, "What are you SO dressed UP for?"
    Is fashion currently too casual to allow the brooch/pin on someone under 80? I plan on making a few scarves as well just to use with my small brooch collection....I'm sure I'll get some looks then, wearing a scarf AND brooch!
    Anyone else deal with these comments?
  2. I have to put up with that sort of thing too. I think it's just narrow-mindedness in society. These days, you can't stare at anyone with 15 tattoos and multiple facial piercings, because that would be like oppression of free will, right?:confused1: But dress up, with a nice respectful outfit that doesn't show your underwear or your cleavage, with neat hair and accessories, like a scarf, earrings and a brooch, and all of a sudden it's a free for all with the judgmental comments: Wow, aren't you dressed up today! Why are you looking so fancy?

    Drives me nuts!:push:

    I love brooches, but I only own 1: a vintage Mikimoto with pearls and yellow gold, shaped sort of like a tree or a sea coral (would post photo but am at work, you know?)
  3. I have a few that I wear in my hair and I've worn them on my coats too. I love vintage brooches!!!
  4. I like brooches and the way they look, very elegant and smart, but I don't want pin-holes in my clothes so I can't wear them. I also think shoe-clips are cute too, but you NEVER see them!
  5. I also love brooches, and in fact I am desperately calling all Chanel boutiques in Europe to find a Camelia diamond brooch to wear in my wedding!

    Brooches are classy and definetely add a nice touch to any outfit. You can wear a simple black dress to work, or a black suit with heels. If you just add a brooch to the look, you'll turn your outfit to be the perfect look for a dinner, cocktail or late event. I love them!
  6. I personally love brooches,I think its because they remind me of an era when ladies really were ladies and flawlessly elegant too. I totally get what Bitten means though about people feeling they can comment or invade your personal space on certain things.The amount of people (strangers!)who would just walk up and feel my tum when I was pregnant with Sophie really began to p**s me off,and when I was quizzed on 'oo,what are you expecting?' (my replies got very curt in the end) ''a baby'' they did used to go away after that!!!

    But I would welcome a return of brooches I think they can be a lovely expression of your personality!!
  7. Thanks for sharing your stories, now I don't feel so alone!!!
    I have to ask about wearing brooches in your hair-how? I would love to try that look!
    Artemisa, I hope you find your brooch in time for your wedding! You realize, though, pictures shall be required on here upon your acquisition.....
  8. I love them! I have a few that are either my mom's or grandmothers, w/ fake stones, no doubt, but they are fun. I like to put them on suit jackets, plain cardigans, etc. I think they add some personality.
  9. :sweatdrop: That if I find it!!! I'm nowhere close to that, but the Chanel Camelia brooch is one of the most beautiful and classic pieces I would spend my money on. I love it so much!
  10. Wear them! I think they are so classy and fun. I recall reading an article in a fashion magazine about brooches coming back in style.
  11. I bought thin hair bands that match the shade of my hair perfectly. I just pull back whichever part of my hair I want to pull back and then I pin the brooch kind of over/through the hair band so the band doesn't show. People always ask where I got my 'hair clip' :p...
  12. I love brooches! I've got a few my sister gave me and they are beautiful! I rarely get to wear them. I usually pin them to my coats and get lots of compliments.

    I'd love to wear them in my hair! I've thought about it but, never tried it! I guess I have to now, LOL!

    Good luck, Artemsia, on finding something for your hair, I had a dickens of a time and just gave up! Couldn't find a dang thing (in my price range).
  13. I love brooches and I'm under 25. I usually pin them onto plain cardigans or blazers. I especially love cameos. I'm a sucker for anything that looks Victorian.
  14. I will sometimes put a brooch in my hair by putting the pin through a thin section of hair when it's pulled back in a knot or a pony tail. Then I use two bobby pins to secure the brooch. It doesn't always work, particularly if the brooch is too heavy, but it's pretty good.

    Mmmm...I'm just planning some work outfits for next week now - the brooches may be a feature!
  15. I don't wear them, but have always admired them.