1. Is anyone familiar with or a fan of Brighton bags? There is a Brighton boutique in my favorite mall but I've never really paid any attention to it. I noticed recently that there were lots of people in the store and one of my friends told me that she and her mom have a tradition of buying Brighton bags and jewelry for each other. I had never heard of it before moving here - just wondered what the PF thinks of Brighton. Should I look more closely? Is it just a mid-west thing? :confused1:
  2. There was a really nice thread on Brightons around a month or so ago. Try a search and you should find the thread.

    That being said, I have two (check my homepage in my profile). I LOVE THEM!! Great bags, great service after the sale, even on accessories. They repaired a belt for me free and sent it to my house free as well. :heart:
  3. There is a brighton near me. Depending what you are looking for you may find something you love! The leather is nice and they have some really cute keyrings.
  4. Yes.........there have been other threads on Brighton here. They are wonderful bags that will hold up through the years. Popular in the West and probably Midwest, and there are at least 3 places to purchase them here in Southwest Florida. Very classy.
  5. I love Brighton bags. My friend's mom is obsessed with them. I live on the east coast, and there is a boutique that sells them near me.
  6. I have two Brighton Bags that I love. One is a gprgeous red moc croc (Alecia) and the other is a tan pebbled leather (Shirley) with moc crock black trim. I also have a soft pebbled leather wallet. I like so many of their bags although their Southwestern styles don't interest me at all. I am in the Southeastern part of the country.
  7. My friend got me hooked on Brighton. I have one of their straw bags and love it. (And got it on sale) It can be converted from a clutch, to a clutch with a wrist-strap to a shoulder bag. I also love their jewlery. If you love hearts (the founders of the company were HS sweeethearts) then you will love alot of their designs. But the leather is really a great quality.
  8. Thanks everyone for the insight. I will have to check out the store here.
  9. Indycat, The Cameron shoulder bag is on my wish list for Brighton. I don't know if it is retired yet or not. I think the size is great and I really like the pebbled leather. I don't remember any heart motif displayed on it either. Some of the bucket bags have caught my eye also, but two bags with hearts is enough for me.

    Prada Psycho ; [​IMG] We just don't know WHAT happens in those shops when the lights go out at night!
  10. I really like Brighton jewelry!
  11. My mom has a lot of Brighton jewelry (which I like) but I've always thought that the bags were a little grandma-y.
  12. :happydance: correction: I just got the Cameron on Ebay.
  13. IndyCat, I am taking a guess, but are you talking about the Fashion Mall?? I remember when the Brighton store opened there...I like their jewelry, but it does bug me that it is not solid sterling (except for rings)...the bags are not my style, however.