Brighton Jewelry?

  1. i saw the outlet in woodbury commons last time i went. i picked up this key chain to turn to a necklace and this other necklace. they had some interesting pieces. the sa told me that there are only two outlets for this company, but i have never heard of it till now, anyone else know about this company?
  2. they mostly do purses. it's what my stepmom carries exclusively.

    they have beautiful quality and some cute stuff, but i feel like it's too old (and a little cutesy with all the hearts and antiquing) for me. their customer base seems to be the 35+ least that's who's carrying it around here. although if i carried business cards, they'd be in a brighton case. :smile:
  3. Hey, watch it!!! 35 is not that old!!!!
  4. Brighton is failry popular where I live. Most of the jewelry, however, is not sterling silver - except for the rings. My understanding is that their jewelry is plated. They do have some cute designs.
  5. I like Brighton, especially their shoes.
  6. they have some nice shoes, belts, bags. I don't like to buy too much of their stuff because it is all matchey-matchey. But it's nice. I have some great belts I bought back in the late 80s and they just came back in style and they look brand-new.
  7. I only own one brighton tote and I use it for work. I'm not crazy about their jewelry but i saw my bag in the window and loved it. It was very reasonably priced and easy to care for. Brighton is fairly popular in Arizona but I notice it carried by 30+ ladies (I'm 26 and never see anyone my age carry or wear brighton jewelry/bags).
  8. Years ago before Brighton had their own stores I bought one of their bags. It still looks great. I liked it then because it was unique. Now that they are so commercialized they've lost their appeal .... at least to me. I bought my bag in a little western store in Las Vegas over ten years ago.
  9. I have a watch from Brighton that is darling and has held up well considering the plating. There's some type of coating on it too, which adds to the longevity. I enjoy wearing this watch as much as my Cartier or Omega.
  10. oh i know!! it's just older than me! :flowers:

    we need a foot in mouth smiley! :yes:
  11. I love Brighton! I bought a Brighton black leather keyring with these cool little dangly hearts for my new house keys, and I have a Brighton bracelet, all silver, very cool. While in the Brighton store in the Gardens Mall I tried on some perfume and I dropped the bottle and it shattered in a gazillion pieces:graucho:
  12. I have a few brighton purses, key chains and shoes. I like them alll, but don't wear them as much b/c of the popularity design has been copied by so many it's lost some of its appeal.
  13. I Love Brighton! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: And I'm only 28yrs. It's quite popular in the Southern States.
  14. I've seen some terrific Brighton watches in Northern California. The women I know wearing Brighton bought it on the West Coast or in the Southwest. Probably not as popular back East, but they do have some fun stuff.
  15. Ever since Von Maur started carrying Brighton jewelry, my mom has been obsessed with it. Usually, she just buys the bracelets and a few watches. Not so much the bags, except she did buy a few straw bags. Last time we were there, she also picked up quite a few keychains too.