Brighton forum needed?

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  1. Is there enough interest to start a Brighton forum? They are moving into more stylish bags.

  2. Might do a search for 'Brighton', but I can tell you I haven't seen a lot of posts about Brighton...
  3. I'd love to see a Brighton forum, but agree that there's not much interest.
  4. Might bring in traffic. Last time I was in the store, it was jam-packed.

    I favored the flip flops over the purses, though.

    You might want to start an official Brighton thread and see how it goes.
  5. I love brighton and have many Brighton bags and my luggage is Brighton too.

    I was wondering why there not an official thread for Brighton. The quality on all my Brighton bags is amazing and I just love the styles.

    I too, think there should be a Brighton thread.
  6. Well, if more people would post about their Brighton bags (do individual threads, don't glom on to one thread) maybe it would make a difference.
  7. I have a great little brighton wallet I use quite often.
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  9. I just got a bag from Brighton last week and really like it. I am wanting some accessories now :smile:
  10. I have a nice collection of Brighton Bags, luggage, bracelets, hair accesories, and jewlery.
    I was wondering why there was no group for Brighton. They are certainly not cheap, and the quality is wonderful.
    The shoes are comfy too.
  11. Found some cute accessories at a local boutique today and one was a leather cosmetic pouch discounted at half off. I'm happy with that :smile:
  12. Brighton is definitely making more stylish bags now, and the quality is quite high! I vote make a thread. ;)