Brighton Blue??

  1. Help!! I have a chance to buy this color in Birkin 35cm and am confused. Has anyone seen one in real life?? I have 2 hours to call back.....:confused1:

    Buy or Pass ??
  2. Oh, please take it! It's a very beautiful royal blue and very neutral. I don't think the colour is readily available, so yes, please GRAB it!!!!!
  3. Gmel, Do you want a blue birkin? Is this on your wish list? Can you pass it up with no regrets? The dark blue pictured in the ebay auction is quite is something that you have been looking for?
  4. Hot color imo. If you wear alot of black, I would pass. If you wear alot of jeans, caramel tones, I would want it.
  5. I love Brighton Blue.....yum
  6. was a rollercoaster ride....

    After finding out about the brighton blue, they proceed to tell me about the other bags they have in stock. I'm not a red bag girl, but when they said a gold JPG was available...I jumped on that. Wheww.....:yahoo:

    I'll get the B Blue next time....:shrugs:

  7. OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: YOU ARE SO LUCKYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! WOWWWW!!!!! OMG! I wish I had your choices, OMG! I am SO jealous!!!! O.K That is a grail bag for me! PLEASE post pics!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!:nuts:
  8. congrats on the JPG...did you buy it from a store or website ? i am trying to find one myself..thanks...
  9. Gmel, congrats!!!:yahoo: My goodness, what other stock did they have? You mention you're not a red girl.. so they had something in red?:graucho:

    Can't wait to see your gold JPG! That would look just amazing!:yahoo:
  10. Congratulations!! Lovely!! I just love the JPG shoulder birkin. I am enjoying mine so much, I can hardly stop smiling whenever I use it. I feel like a queen. LOL

    Please post pictures when you get it, OK. Can't wait to add on to the JPG SB thread.

  11. Congrats on the gold JPG - I would have picked that too!

    OMG - I'm dying to know - were you offered a red Birkin?? May I ask where and what color of red was available?
  12. congrats on the gold JPG! pls. post pics as soon as you get it!

    BB is gorgeous too!
  13. Thank you all! I have to wait until DH comes home. He purchased it directly from H. You all should of heard him try to describe the red. All I got was "they say it's the new red".....He happened to get there as a huge shipment got in. As soon as I get my hands on the bag, I will take pics.

    Now, how am I gonna break it to my SA that I cheated on her...:lol:
    Maybe ask her for a scarf to match....:lol: :roflmfao:
  14. OMG gmel, congrats!!! The JPG in Gold sounds fabulous