Brighton Blue--Is it a wearable color?

  1. Does anyone have this color--is it easy to wear?
  2. Rockerchic has a gorgeous brighton blue birkin as does Japster. Hopefully, they will post some pics for oyu. But I think both have posted in the Hermes in Action thread too.
  3. I think brighton blue is very is a beautiful color.

    Will this be your first bag? What bag style?
  4. I have this in a bolide and can I just say that I carried it for three months straight!!! A record for me - love the color...
  5. i think rockerchic's and japster's bbs are gorgeous! that being said, i think it can look SO different in pics - sometimes to me it appears more of a gray-blue hue, and sometimes it looks more like a true blue (darker). would love to see one in person!
  6. I have a BB and wear it almost like a neutral. Today I have olive green jacket on, white t and jeans and black ballet flats and am carrying my bb. It is terrific with black, brown, gray, white tan, blue jeans, etc.
    I absolutely love it! Please let me know if I can help you out further!
  7. Here is a good picture of the color!
    hermes 008_1.jpg
  8. I am thinking and actually can't think of a color that I wouldn't wear this with. It is a very sophisticated blue and can go with other colors beside my boring neutral color palette above...pinks, orange, greens,...
  9. Has it seen daylight yet, S?
  10. Yes my friend, it has!! Friday we took our maiden voyage and we have already been out today to DD's dance class! I am in love!
  11. Excellent!! It's totally stunning (as are you)!
  12. :blush: :heart:

    I always have that initially difficulty taking off the protective plastic and knowing she will never be pristine again...but once it's done, then i am able to carry her with abandon! Have fun at the shore today!
  13. I was thinking of the Lindy, perhaps. In BB.
  14. I love my brighton! its so fun and fresh!
  15. My bag gets a lot of compliments on the color...